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hottea654 12-24-11 12:00 PM

Gone too soon
I just called one of my best friends, who lives across the country about 3000 miles away to wish him a happy almost Christmas.He answered the phone and I could tell right away something was wrong.

Yesterday 12-23-2011, his only daughter was on her way to work and was hit and killed in a head on car accident. She was a senior in high school, graduating this spring and was planning on going on to college. I had known her a bit as an adult to a teenager; she was a great kid.

Nothing in this life ever prepares you as a parent for this kind of loss. I am too far away to be there to help Dave now, plus jobless so I can't take the trip financially, though I would if I could. It was a short conversation. He said he has to still go to the funeral home, and find her something to wear. There is nothing I can do or say to make the situation any better and the distance only makes it feel more impersonal when I try to say I'm so sorry though I know it is received... and it isn't enough.

Rest In Peace, dear daughter.

TooMuch 12-25-11 07:16 AM

Hottea654, sorry for your friend's loss.

hottea654 12-26-11 01:22 AM

Thanks, TM. It's my loss too, though not as obviously so. You can't love someone and not hurt for a loss they experience like that. At least, that's my perception since that is my reality.

Dad of 3 12-29-11 01:43 PM

I'm so very sorry.

hottea654 04-02-12 05:11 PM

Riding partner, also gone too soon.
Yesterday I got a very late call from Oregon. One of my friends there was calling to tell me a mutual friend of ours lost his life last night in a motorcycle accident with a deer. They found him and his bike after a search this morning when he did not show up at his destination. RIP Mike Worthy, you were always a strong, fun, generous and caring man. I know you would have wanted life to end like that, your own blaze of glory, but you never wanted to go. I grieve your loss.

hottea654 04-04-12 08:05 AM

A video to commemorate his life.
I can't say it much better.

lon's Site - naguethey.mpg

Dad of 3 04-04-12 08:39 AM

You take care of your self, OK? I am here for you if you need me.

hottea654 04-05-12 02:17 AM

Thanks for your reply Dad of 3. I lost most of yesterday to feeling down regarding this loss, but am feeling more able to focus on life today.

Mitza 04-16-12 11:59 AM

I am sorry to hear about your loss, hottea.. ((((((((((hugs))))))))))

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