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CrazyBirdLady 12-26-06 07:57 AM


Your eyes slowly relax and close
As you let go of your cares and woes
Your heart beats slower and slower
Your head drops down lower
You exhale one last time releasing the air
You no longer have a reason to care
You fade into a sleep, peaceful as can be
You quietly slip away from me
You lived your life well
You've no more stories to tell
A deep sleep has overcome you
You've nothing left to do
Goodnight my dear friend
Goodnight until we meet again

Written By Susan C Ratliff

irishred 12-26-06 05:50 PM

is this a nursing home poem too? you have experienced several deaths, haven't you?

CrazyBirdLady 12-26-06 05:55 PM

Nursing Home, Navy, ambulance, ER, family, friends, more death than I can even begin to count. I've held somebodys hand when they slowly slipped away in their sleep, I've done CPR and lost the fight, Gunshot victims, stabbings, suicides, there is much in the way of death that I have seen. Maybe that is why it facinates me so much, there is so much I want to know.

irishred 12-26-06 06:07 PM

I would say you are right! You are comfortable with death because of your experiences. You've had quite a life!!

Maybe we should encourage you towards more life-endearing things? You could balance the two better.

CrazyBirdLady 12-26-06 06:20 PM

I guess the only thing that keeps me here is my boys, (actually my nephews) When I was young I didn't want to set an example of suicide to my baby sister, by the time she grew up I had nephews. Now they are growing up. I guess what frightens me is when the time comes my mom dies, there won't be much keeping me here after that. It barely keeps me here now, everyday it gets easier to say goodbye . . .

irishred 12-26-06 06:30 PM

Maybe there will be another reason after your mom dies. Whatever keeps you here is good. I know exactly what you are saying, though. If anything happened to my kid, I'd be in very serious trouble. There would be nothing to live for - at least that's how I picture it now.

RonaldMiller77 07-13-20 10:32 AM

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