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TooMuch 09-25-11 11:33 PM

Mp3 player or ipod?
Okay, I went to Best Buy today and looked around now remember I'm 40 years old. Times like this I need a man.

Anyway, I bought a car stereo a couple of years ago and they guy told me it was Ipod ready.

Another problem, I have ruined so many CD's in this car stereo, maybe when I'm going over potholes, IDK. I decided maybe I should get an IPOD and download music on there. No more damaged CD's in the car.

Then I look at the price of the Ipod and it was expensive. Then I saw MP3 players in there. Then I began questioning do I really need an IPOD, it looks like it does so much more than what I need.

I began thinking I don't. Then if that's the case, can I get an attachment for an MP3 player and plug it into my CD player in the car where that little hole is?

Why are my CD's getting all scratched up anyway?

If I do decide to download music where is the best place to go?

If I get an MP3 player is it difficult to download music?

Jeez, sometime I wish I had a man around.

Aries 09-25-11 11:46 PM

I found this site for you, hope it will help! I didn't need a man to find this.:wink::rofl: I hope this helps!:hug:

iPod and MP3 Players Compared - MP3 vs. iPod

Knox 09-26-11 09:22 AM

If the only thing you want it for is listening to music, without a doubt I would recommend a regular MP3 player. iPods, IMHO, can be really finicky and annoying. If you're just looking for basic functionality and nothing flashy like watching videos or a cute-looking gadget, an iPod would be a waste of money. They are overpriced compared to other brands of MP3 and MP4 players which serve the same functions but might not be quite as pretty :rolleyes:

Personally all I want from a music player is for it play music... so yeah, iPods seem kind of overrated to me. I use some little silver thing. I don't even know what brand it is... but it plays music perfectly well so I'm happy with it.

TooMuch 09-26-11 09:29 AM

Thanks Aries for the information. Thanks Knox exactly what I needed to hear! I've made my decision.

super147 09-26-11 09:41 AM

I play music in my car via my HTC phone. It acts as an MP3 player in the same sense that you would like to use it. If your car stereo has an AUX-IN jack (looks similar to a headphone jack) then you can play music from a device such as an MP3 player. All you would need it a standard AUX input lead like this one:

I wouldn't pay that much though.... lol!

sunlight 09-26-11 12:26 PM

wanna buy my 8-track player?


aemurid 09-26-11 03:46 PM


Originally Posted by TooMuch (Post 650518)
If I do decide to download music where is the best place to go?

I tend to use iTunes and Amazon depending on which one is cheaper. Alternatively you can just buy the CDs, then rip and convert them to MP3s yourself.


If I get an MP3 player is it difficult to download music?
No, not at all. A few clicks and the file(s) should download. Then it's just a case of either importing or dragging and dropping the files to your iPod/MP3 player.

It sounds like you've already made your decision, TooMuch, but for anyone else reading this thread I'd definitely recommend you do your homework before buying any MP3 player.

iPods are popular and fashionable but that just makes them all the more expensive. They're not necessarily bad MP3 players but you can get more machine for less money if you look at alternative players.

My personal favourite is the Sansa Clip+ . It's very cheap (the 8GB model is around 40 in the UK), very compact (similar size to a small box of matches) and simple to use (drag and drop file transfer). It also has a micro sd card slot allowing you to double it's storage capacity should you need it, a built in microphone and FM radio.

TooMuch 09-26-11 07:58 PM

Thanks for all the great ideas and advice. Will look into everything that everyone has told me about.

It may sound so silly but I'm very, very uncomfortable asking for help with this stuff. I couldn't even approach a sales clerk at Best Buy I just walked around for about 20 minutes, felt more confused and left. This to me is like Man territory or something, I just feel like fish out of water.

TooMuch 09-30-11 09:24 PM

Okay, I bought myself a Sansa Fuse + mp3 player. I did my best to read the instructions. I also went on the internet to look for more HOW TO INFO. I made the stupid mistake to get an Itunes card. I have spent all day trying to figure out how to download everything. ALL I CAN SAY IT'S BEEN HELL.

In the end I manage to download the music I wanted on some blank CD's. Basically out of desperation. So at least I could enjoy the friggin music for awhile before I damage them again in the car. I cannot get my friggin Sansa Fuse to work. I manage to get it charged. Then after I unplug in from the computer, I can't turn it on.

I am mentally exhausted. If I had the energy I think I would beat up this music player. I'm done. I'm not trying anymore. I don't know if I try to play it again or work with it again. I'm not returning it either.

I hate technical stuff. I do. Not really looking for advice at this point. Just p*ssed and tired and needed to vent. Thanks. It just sucks, that I'm all alone. This is basically an example of everyday life for me. Struggling by myself to get everything done.

I bought a lawn mower last year and when I bought it, I asked the guy if I could have the display model, because I didn't want to put it together.
I hate putting things together. Sucks. Why can't I have a decent man around to help me once in awhile?

Just tired and fed up. Thanks. I'm about to cry from frustration, think I will head to the fridge and pig out right now. I feel incompetent and stupid. I'm going to stuff myself with food. I'm good with that!

aemurid 09-30-11 09:33 PM

I've found Amazon to be cheaper and slightly easier to use than iTunes. To add them to your MP3 player (assuming the Fuse is similar in design to the Clip) you just need to drag the MP3s to the music folder on your MP3 player.

I will make you hurt 10-01-11 01:21 AM

No no it's not man territory, it's nerd territory. Honestly, I'm an iPod guy, but I only play music. They just have the largest hard drive I've seen so I can store all my songs. As long as you aren't going to be storing tons of music, mp3 players aren't bad.

As for a good source for music, iTunes may be risky for mp3 players since the purchased songs are in an aac file, which I'm not sure if mp3 players play that format.

As for the stereo being "iPod ready", see if it only has a USB port for it or if there is a port/hole in it that says "AUX IN". If it has AUX IN, you should be good, but if you only have a USB port for the iPod, it may not work.

mmch85 10-01-11 03:47 AM

Hi i just thought id throw a "how to" on ripping your existing CDs into MP3 format. Its pretty easy and obviously free.

How to turn a CD into MP3s - Music Center - CNET.com

js58 08-25-13 01:54 PM


Originally Posted by I will make you hurt (Post 652513)
As for a good source for music, iTunes may be risky for mp3 players since the purchased songs are in an aac file, which I'm not sure if mp3 players play that format.

I think iTunes downloads as AAC by default but there's a setting somewhere that will allow you to download MP3s instead.

iTunes also has an option in one of its menus to "convert to MP3" any audio file in your iTunes Library.

Xerxes 08-29-13 04:48 AM

I'd be careful converting a lossy file, if you you'll lose quality and maybe introduce artifacts.

Adam87 04-16-16 07:40 PM

i love my sony mp3 player. im a windows user so its fun to transfer my mp3s to the device. i was never a fan of apple files and the whole itunes system. i used to have an ipod and it was funky. i remember back in the day my main jam device was the minidisc..and that was alot of fun but hell was it annoying to record discs and forward or rewind to get to the track you like.

castout 05-10-16 07:23 PM

I have tons of MP3s always use an MP3 player. Ipods work well but I hate Itunes, although I have to use it to load my wifes Apple devices.

I dont use a player anymore, I only listen in my car these days, but I have several stored away. I used a tiny little Sansa when we were going to the gym. Also got a Fuse for my wife, but she liked Ipod better. So after she discarded it I put Rockbox on it, that really made it great for me, it allows you to tweak many settings, change themes, create playlists on the device, adds lots of EQ and audio settings, and as a bonus it puts a bunch of games and apps on it. I wonder if it still works I havent used it for years.

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