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mmch85 08-08-11 01:53 AM

London Riots
So Copy cat rioters have gone out onto the streets of london, smashing it up following the riots in Tottenham earlier this week.

London riots: Violence spreads to all corners of capital - Telegraph

I meen SERIOUSLY!!!!! Smashing up your own city..... kinda like keying up your own car... arseholes!

super147 08-08-11 04:38 AM

Yeah, nothing rights social wrongs like stealing a load of iPads and DVD players! I'm in favour of such opportunist morons being charged with armed robbery and sentenced to long prison terms. Any possible political or social cause that you might have is immediately sold down the river the minute you start looting shops. It's just disgraceful, yet somehow not surprising in the least.

mmch85 08-08-11 04:56 AM

I meen it all kicked when someone was **** by the police, who was said to be *****ing back at them. What do you expect? The man had a weapon and the police delt with him as necessary.

And if it was unjust retaliation.... Rioting and destroying half of north london is going to make the news more than the man in question... The paper today, a 5 page spread on the destruction and a tiny little side box on the man...

Idiots, I'm glad I'm south of the river, although we had riots a few months ago

mmch85 08-08-11 01:44 PM

well i spoke too soon!

it is now south of the river. Peckham, lewisham and croydon is currently being burn and smashed to bits... great!

Peoples homes are on fire... who would do that?

mmch85 08-08-11 02:29 PM

Holly shit!!! Three town halls are on fire, someone petrol bombed a bus full of people, shops and houses are on fire. And the news says they are bringing in the army

mmch85 08-08-11 03:00 PM

they just showed an arial shot of croydon from a helicopter. there are about 15-20 raging fires.

This is madness

mmch85 08-08-11 03:57 PM

And now it has kicked off about 20 mins walk from my house :/

Im not sleeping tonight

perrymason 08-08-11 05:00 PM

i am probably going to get called racist or banned for asking this but is this something to do with race wars?

i look at the uk media online and im not seeing it mentioned but all you can see is black people, mostly young males causing these problems.

i know some black man got shot by police for being a criminal or something.
is this a similar thing to the 1992 LA riots?

anyway, it is stupid really but with the markets crashing around the world, im sure that a lot more will trying looting and stuff.

mmch85 08-08-11 05:07 PM

Its got nothing to do with anything now... It's not a protest, it's just looting and arson.

A man was shot by the cops on Saturday... But this has nothing to do with it any more.

And it's not just black people, the pics you saw were probs from Peckham or hackney, very black populated areas. But this is happening all over.

I can here cop cars whizzing about everywhere... Crazy.

mmch85 08-08-11 08:01 PM

Croydon and Clapham have been evacuated due to wide spread fire.

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