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Zetsumei 12-11-06 11:44 PM

Mission log A274X Mission Cyprus
Altitude: 49,803 ft.
Heading: SW
Over: Megiddo, Israel.
10-23-2017 13:49 GMT

I am Lt. Col. James Alders of the USAF. I am the pilot of what was once my B-2 stealth bomber*. The craft is damaged beyond repair. There is acrid smoke coming out all over the place. Most of my systems are fried, I got hit by the very edge of an EMP blast a while ago. They are setting nukes off down there like bottle rockets. My co-pilot is dead, his smoldering body is still covered in a tangled jungle of wires, the wires that shocked him to death. Rigor Moris hasn't even set in but he smells already, I think the current is running through him and cooking him inside out. I can smell death, my own demise, as I look across the war torn planet below, or maybe that is just the smell of my co-pilot mixed with a burning jet fuel. It wont be long until my plane goes, a small fire has broken out. The flash from another nuclear blast lights up my cockpit as I pull a picture out of my pocket. My wife Mary, my little girl Susie, my son Tomas, they all stare back at me from the picture, frozen in time. That monster killed them, the man who's number is 666, the anti-christ. He promised peace, but all he brought was war, he killed my beloved family and now it was my turn. I took a careful look around my cabin. It was a miracle that I was still alive, much less that my B-2 was still flying. I took my most precious belonging, the picture of my family, kissed it and then put it back in my pocket. My gaze narrowed, I am now hell bent on one thing, ending this war. I nosed my plane down and initiated my final "landing". I saw the beast, commanding his troops atop a hill as I neared. I strained at the controls, the plane fighting like a wild bird of pry than would not be tamed. I steadied the controls and zeroed in on my target. I could see the grimace on the face of the beast as I flew head on into his barrage of anti-aircraft fire. The bullets and flak ripped through my plane, it ripped through me. Somehow I was still alive and on target. I was just about to hit, I could feel victory, I could feel death's foul kiss. My life flashed before my eyes, I would soon be with my beloved family. Then there was a bright flash, everything grew dark. I stood in a dark murky haze, a place devoid of space and time. I heard screams coming closer and closer, I felt myself getting hotter and hotter. Then I saw two giant skeletal gates adorned with rotting corpses open. Giant black, grotesque slime covered tentacles grew out of the gate and grabbed me. Then they suddenly released, I saw a bright shining light walk in front of me and the gruesome gate. It, he, my savior spoke to me! "My child, you have made many wrong choices in life, but they are all forgiven. You are under my blood, come home my most beloved." So I followed him up invisible stairs made of hope and love. I followed him all the way to heaven. There they were, Mary, Susie, Thomas, my lovely family with open arms. Then my Christ turned to me. "My son, I thank you for your effort to stop the war but that is my job." With this he drew a giant sword of light that shone like a thousand suns and rode off on a white stallion made of clouds that left a trail of fog and mist where ever it went.

©2006 All rights reserved.


Known as the stealth bomber

Ceiling 50 ,000 feet

Range 7,595 miles

Max bomb load is 40,000 lbs.

tourniquet 12-11-06 11:57 PM

I really like this story. The ending is so beautiful.

Zetsumei 12-12-06 12:11 AM

Thanks sorta getting the rust off my pen lol... I haven written a story in a while.

whyshouldilive 12-12-06 12:57 AM

That was a really great story, zetsumie. I have always loved things to do with the war. I am so very glad you shared this with us.

Zetsumei 12-12-06 01:08 AM

Thank you. I just thought I would get a few of my feelings out through writing... it helped some... :) I am glad ya read it.

Aries 12-12-06 01:42 AM

That was really Great Z! Thank you, for sharing this! I loved it!


Zetsumei 12-12-06 01:49 AM

I am glad everyone liked it... or at least is being very nice and saying they did :P I am just happy that people are able to enjoy this... I wrote it on a whim lol... its not THAT good :P

irishred 12-12-06 05:16 PM

wow, Z, nice! you are a good writer - keep it up! i especially love the last line.

Zetsumei 12-12-06 05:36 PM

Ty Irish... would anyone mind pointing out what I did wrong.. :P I dont mind constructive criticism. :P

irishred 12-12-06 05:42 PM

The only thing that would make it easier to read would be to separate it into smaller paragraphs. My eyes get lost in the text. But your text is good - truly.

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