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beanpole 07-10-11 03:15 AM

Just switched from PC to MAC!! (:
I found out that FAFSA is paying for all of my freshman year of college so the 2,000 dollars I had saved for first semester were mine to spend! On my 18th b-day I went out and bought myself a 13-inch macbook pro (2.7 Ghz processor, with the 500gb hardrive!) I do a lot of art, be it acting/video editing, visual, creative writing, etc so I'm really excited.

I love it so far, any tips for a brand new Mac user?

aemurid 07-26-11 05:58 PM

Well you'll want to download some anti-virus, malware, spyware, fire wall and defragmentation software. You'll also want to update to the latest service pack. Then you'll have to defrag your hard drive, run your security software and update your drivers. You'll want to do this monthly..........

......nah, just kidding! :biggrin:

Have you purchased Apple Care? If you haven't but you plan to purchase a copy in the future then you can save yourself some money by buying it from Amazon or eBay rather than buying it directly from Apple.

thisisreality 07-27-11 06:57 PM

congrats beanpole. FASFA will give you extra money each semester of school as long as you keep a certain GPA. I used to get around 3k a semester. It stopped now cause of my GPA.

The thing about the money is that you gotta spend it on something relating to school... most people dont do that, including me :)

Anyways, congrats on the Mac. :D

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