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seffib 07-06-11 02:54 AM

Constant rituals,rules,counting,order,hand washing
You know the feeling when you have to do something or a bad thing happens? Well, all my life revolves around the rituals to stop bad things happening. From the second I get out of bed until I go to sleep. The rituals almost always involve counting. I have to touch/say/move/shake/blow on something a certain amount of times. The worst thing, though, is that there are ’bad’ words, colors, numbers, pictures, basically anything that can trigger a need for a ’ritual’. I would hear a word in a conversation/on tv/movie my mind considers negative or harmful to me or others, then I have to cancel it out by saying it again or blow in that direction or to say the opposite (positive) thing. Or I read such a word in a ebook/pdf/website and I have to click on it/slide over it a certain number of times.
If the repeats of any ritual have multiple digits I have to add them and the sum has to be a right number, so… a lot of counting.
When I’m outside I can step only on certain parts of the pavement if I don’t/can’t I have go back. This applies too when I put things in their ’right’ place; if I don’t feel it’s in the right direction/next to the right thing I will go back and rearrange it for the nth time…
I can’t touch/eat/watch/wear things of a certain color or if I do I feel anxious&tense/have to do something to even the action out.
I wash hands hundreds of times a day. If I touch the ’wrong’ object/furniture/person and I have to run and wash my hands/or other body parts which came in contact with it.
When I try to defy these rules my mind makes up (often as it goes) I might last for a while and then the doubt and bad feelings just overwhelm me so much that I go back and do the ritual. You can imagine it complicates my life a bit…
I’m going to the doctor for the first time because of depression and I don’t know whether to tell her or not about my crazy habits…
Do you think the aforementioned constitute as OCD?

p.s. when I post this I can't use emoticons cuz of their shape and color...

silentcry 07-08-11 06:07 AM

This sounds like OCD to me. Tell your doctor about your habits and he'll help

ivesurvivedsocanyou 02-03-12 07:16 AM

I'm the same with the counting and 'bad' words or numbers (but not the blowing on things) and I have OCD so I'd say yes but you might also be suffering with an additional illness as well as OCD.

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