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angel4peace 12-09-06 02:22 AM

To All My Dear Friends
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First I want to thank all of you for joining me in our inspirational corner of the world. I thank you for your pictures, your words and all your loving comments.

I love all of you! I know and have faith that we will all find the answers we are seeking if we stay strong and persistant.

There is a place for us, all of us here at Take This life........you have found a home.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful spirits , you compassion , your love for each other, your lack of judgement, and your ability to be so honest about your pain and your lives.

You are wonderful........


Aries 12-09-06 02:31 AM


You're just that; our Angel! I've missed you & glad that you're back! I will be looking forward; honored to share your adventure with you; thank you for allowing me/us to!


silent cry 12-09-06 01:36 PM

we love u too angel... and ive missed u too.

glad to have u back with us. xxx

irishred 12-09-06 09:28 PM

Yes, we have missed you, our dear Angel4Peace. Be well on your journey. Heal. And come back to us. But always believe in yourself and take care of YOU!!

Thanks for giving us a place to rest on the forum.


angel4peace 12-12-06 02:19 AM

Thank you dear friends it is good to be back. I am glad you all enjoy our little spot of peace. Enjoy.........

I love all of you

irishred 12-12-06 06:26 PM


angel4peace 12-13-06 05:17 PM

Thank you! I love all of you and I feel so blessed that we are on this journey together.

I am asking that you hold my daughter in prayer today. She lost her baby, she was 3 months pregnant.

We are so very sad.

However, I know that everything happens for a reason.

I am waiting for it to be revealed
Love angel

bunnysnowflake 12-16-06 11:55 PM

Merry Christmas Angel4Peace
Dear Angel:

Was so happy to see that you are back...yet saddened to hear about the loss of your precious "Grandbaby"

You have, and always will be in my prayers...along with those you love...

I pray that a "Choir of Heavenly Angels" will wrap their gloroius wings of comfort...

around all of your family...providing strength, love and support...as you grieve and slowly begin to heal...

My daughter has also been "Praying to become a mother" and as of this date...is still awaiting an answer to her prayers.

Our faith, however, leads us to understand that "God's Plan" will bear fruit in due time...

as long as we trust & obey...Our season of harvest will manifest itself very soon.

Don't ever lose sight...of the beautiful flame from a flickering candle...

shadow dancing...lighting the way...that leads out of darkness (suffering) into the light (joy) of new blessings.

May the season of Hope...sustain you in the New Year to come.

Love, Bunnysnowflake aka Noki16

tiggrr 12-17-06 01:17 AM

I'm very sorry about your the loss of your daughters baby. That's very sad. I hope that she and you will be okay.

I am glad that you're back, I missed you too.

Peteofva 12-17-06 06:33 AM

Re: To All My Dear Friends

Originally Posted by angel4peace
Well, I have decided to LIVE, not just live thrive. I will find a way, this is a new adventure and I want you to share it with me.

Nice to see you and thank you for sharing! I too have decided to thrive although some days I forget. Reading your posts made me remember- THANK YOU again.


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