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Gas-Mask-Dragon 12-07-06 08:09 PM

"I can't help but look back at you..."
Im so alone in life again. Im so miserable. Brandon... The most important person in my life.. Is leaving me. Or I mean he already has.. Due to recent events.

For those of you who havn't been paying attention, Brandon has been my lover boy for the past year or two. We met in highschool. But anyways, things always seemed to be on a downhill slope for us. Shitty lives and constant arguements and fights and even a fight were the police ended up being called onto my appartment after he wouldn't leave me alone and I was screaming at him to leave becasue I didn't want him to hurt me emotionally anymore. Well even with all of the bullshit hes givin me, I can't help but constantly miss him and think about him... WTF is wrong with me. I can't stand being like this. I wish that there was someone else out there for me but I can't ever get away from this place.... And it hurts so much, even with all the bullshit and hate and fights, I still miss him.... WTF... This is fucked up.. Why can't I let him go... Gawd damnit.... I need help.....

boulevard-traveler 12-07-06 08:12 PM

It's ok to look back at the good times...

Gas-Mask-Dragon 12-07-06 08:19 PM

But it just hurts me, I want him back but I know I shouldn't, or something.. I can't let the good times go thats the problem... *frowns*

Aries 12-07-06 10:41 PM

I'm sorry GMD, that you're having to go through this. Here's something that I use to do, to help me; maybe it'll help you dear. The guys that I use to date, I would write all the good things I liked about them. Then I put them in a shoebox; that I did try to keep out of sight, then I would keep adding to the box. Then, when I did find somebody, I opened the shoebox & a lot of the qualities that I liked about the x's he had. It was weird. It was also my way of trying to help me heal, move on, & keep going. Like I said, it's just a thought, but either way, we're all here for you dear.


Gas-Mask-Dragon 12-07-06 11:01 PM

Thanks Aries

Aries 12-07-06 11:02 PM

No problem dear! I just hope that it might help you through this. *hugs*


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