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kh440 02-22-15 09:38 PM

I once dated an attorney, but she was always on my case.

RavenDarkLight 03-15-15 08:39 PM

A man walks into a bar. He said "ouch".

Gene Poule 03-15-15 08:46 PM

People easily read me but rarely subscribe.

Xerxes 03-17-15 08:43 AM

I once knew someone who was frozen at absolute zero. Don't worry, he was 0K

RunningDeer 12-09-17 01:08 AM

There are two cats, an English cat and a French cat, in a contest to swim the English channel. The English cat is called one-two-three cat and the French cat is called un-deux-trois cat. The English cat won. Why?

Because un-deux-trois cat sank.

RunningDeer 12-09-17 01:09 AM

No matter how nice you are, German children will always be Kinder.

kh440 12-10-17 07:19 PM

I've never seen a hippopotamus hiding in a tree. They must be really good at that.

castout 12-15-17 11:04 PM

A prostitute had to have an appendectomy. She told the surgeon to leave the incision open so she could make some money on the side.

castout 12-17-17 06:33 PM

I've got a phobia of over-engineered buildings.
It's a complex complex complex.

ayesha23 08-05-19 07:35 AM

the past, the present, and the future all walk in to a bar


it was tense

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