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panga 12-04-06 11:28 PM

hi everyone i need some advice again!!! sorry but you know the way you's helped me the last time with my foster family it all gone wrong i was being brave and igonring thhem all last week then one of them followed me home and came in then she took me round to her house and my oldest sister started shouting saying how it was all me falt and that her and her mum is pulling away so i said i was to then she started shouting more saying i was really hurting them :(

But i havent done anything then she started calling my partner sayinng he was a skinney basterd and saying he has got me right were he wonts me and i was shoked and told them to shut up coz my partner is nothing like that he is lovley.

She also started on about my mum again saying she is hurting him BUT SHE ISENT and then she said was i liaeing about what happend in my past and i said no because i am not i just think everyone desevers a seconed chance fair enough this is my real mum's 60th chance but so i care about her and i know she wont mess up again she loves jake to bits and he loves her

I cant belive it then they started on christmas saying i have rewined it because i am spending christmas with my partner and little boy and should be spending it with them genna said if she had twenty kids she wouldent let her kids open present at her house she would be at her mum's made me feel like shit :( i wont to spend it with my little boy at my house is that so wrong?

I dont know i must have done something wrong my partners mum is saying it isent me but i dont know i fucked up my real family now i am hurting them i love my little boy to bits and would nerver let any one harm him they would have to get through me first.

Oh and my sister told another member of staff that i was an unfit mum i was so mad and when i asked her she said she hadent said anything and couldent belive i had belived them i was spitfull she is right thoug isent she i shouldent have been giving the change of anything :BIGweepy:

Aries 12-04-06 11:36 PM

First of all dear, sounds to me like they're trying to hurt you, in any way(s) possible; which is WRONG of them! You shouldn't continue to have to put of with that kind of abuse! It's just plain wrong!

Next, I'm so sorry that you have to keep enduring this kind of needless & selfish abuse; they make you feel! There's got to be a way out of this dear. I can't recall all the details; I apologize, but you've got to get away from those people! They're in it to do that to you & they don't care how badly they make you feel. You're NOT a bad mother; don't listen to that kind of crap! You're a good mother; just going through a rough time. Try to remember that dear. Your son loves you; as much as the day you had him. If it becomes too much, take him for a walk, get away from all the negativity that they're trying to push on you/your son!

You're MUCH better than anything they say! ***HUGS***


crimson 12-04-06 11:58 PM

i'm sorry panga it sounds like they were not treating you to well and no that you are being kind to you and put some distance between you they won't you back don't let them be mean to you stand up for your self that is a good thing it sounds like they haven't made you feel very welcome over there or you would be there for chirstmas do what you feel is right and do what is best for you don't let them walk on you i think you will get this resoved set up some bountarys with them let them no how you wantted to be treated

tiggrr 12-05-06 12:06 AM

This sounds a little confusing, but I think you should be able to spend christmas where you want and of course with your partner and son. And they shouldn't be yelling at you. Underneath all that bad behaviour on their part, it does sound like they care about you, but arent very good at showing it. Maybe you could stop by your fosters house for a bit but spend most of the holiday the way you want. If they are insulting you though, then do what makes you happy.

dreamer 12-05-06 01:12 AM

Panga, I'm so sorry for what you are going through!!!! You are totally being emotionally abused, and it's just not right!!!! I'm glad you decided to ignore them, it sounds like they're really trying to get to you any way they can!!!! You're a good mom, standing up for your son, not letting all this crap get to him. You're doing a good job!!!! Don't let that shit get to YOU either, OK? You're being abused, and you need to call them on it!!!!! They really should not be treating you like this. You're a kind, loving person, you deserve to be treated with respect and consideration, not abuse!!!!
Thank you for sharing your feelings with us, please let us know how things are going for you. I hope you feel better soon.

panga 12-05-06 03:51 PM

i dont the problem has to be me it has to

tiggrr 12-05-06 04:30 PM

NO, why do you think the problem has to be you. They are being cruel and unreasonable. You're an adult and can spend christmas anyway and anywhiere you want. I wouldn't want to spend christmas with people who are going to scream at me and blame me for everything.

You should just do what makes you happiest.

Aries 12-05-06 04:37 PM

I agree with tiggrr. You must do what makes you the happiest; isn't that what life is about? Trying to be happy..


panga 12-05-06 05:35 PM

come on think about it i have recked my mums life coz she said i was a little basterd now i am hurting them they told me that why would they be liaying

Aries 12-05-06 05:44 PM

You know, you haven't wrecked anybody's life dear. I know that you may feel that way; but you haven't. Sometimes parents/people don't truly stop to think what's truly coming out of their own mouths; then the damage is done & too late to stop any pain they've caused another. Know that it's not your fault dear; honestly. **HUGS**


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