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ferrets 03-25-11 02:07 PM

Losing our pets
Brandy gave me this idea and I thought it was nice.

I only told a few people here what is going on.I wanted to post but I didn't know how to say things.

Lilly.......my lovely little girl passed away early hours this morning.Iam so upset right now, it hurts so much.I cried so much and still have tears wanting to come out.I miss her so much.
I took her to my parents to put in the back garden, she has some daffodils in a vase that my mum got for me.

Lilly I love you and miss you so much.You where so cute and so sweet.Mummy loves you and always will.Missed but never forgotten.

Please post if you have lost a pet

brandysnap 03-25-11 03:12 PM

Im sorry for your loss Ferrets - I know how much you love animals. Lily had a good life with you and Abby - sending loving hugs your way.


sweet release 03-25-11 03:31 PM


really sorry to hear what happened

lost my dog a year ago.. and still not really over it

i can still hear him sometimes

losing pets is exactly like losing family, you treat them just the same

you hang in there- don't feel you have to rush to get over it- take as long as you need

wtf 03-25-11 03:32 PM

i lost my dog like 4 years ago... hes burried in garden with a plant on top :) i cried my eyes out... i even skip classes of college that day... is in a better place! :hug:

ferrets 03-25-11 04:17 PM

Thank you all for posting.
My mum got some daffodils and let me use her lion vase to put them in.Mum was really supportive.

Iam worried Abby will feel alone but plan to try get her to meet a new friend.
Its so hard, she was family and I love my animals, I vow no more pets when Abby has a new friend thats it, I can't go through this again.

Iam going to make a memory picture for Lilly in photoshop.

dax 03-25-11 05:47 PM

i am sorry for your loss ferrets, i'm sure you will miss Lilly very much.

roland84 03-25-11 06:28 PM

i miss my dog so much. i always loved speaking to my dog, especially when i was drunk. shed always look at me, and id answer in her voice, it always felt like talking things through in my head, but not so crazy. also i loved taking her for walks when i was stressed, she loved walking all the time, she always had time for me. she died of cancer, like all things i love. im sorry for your loss, people never seem to understand loss of pets like they do people. i see them like members of your family, you love them like family, why is it so wrong to miss them like family?

saltyrose 03-25-11 06:34 PM

Oh Ferrets .... my heart breaks for you .... you loved Lily sooo much ... it was evident in the pictures and posts you shared .... my heart breaks for you as I so honestly know what it is like to be blessed with a pet, to love them ever so dearly and to lose them .... stay strong Ferret ..... Lily will forever more be at your side ..... I believe this truly!!!!!!!!!!!!

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((ferrrets)))))))))))) ))))))))))))))))))))))

ferrets 03-25-11 08:45 PM

Thank you for posting.Iam sorry for the ones that have lost pets.
I don't understand some people either roland, I love my pets like family and when this happens it hurts so much.

Iam being strong for Abby she needs me so much right now, I just hope my plans go ok for her.
I hope she will be Salty, I really do.

I miss her flicking her food around and having to go round swiping it up :(
Must stay strong for Abby though.

Thank you again for the post.

Iwannasmile 03-25-11 09:23 PM

I am so sorry for your loss. I am a rat person, and I am always devastated when they pass away. They give so much love to us, and it is so hard to let them go. I can feel your pain.

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