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xXKanpekiXx 02-22-11 11:26 PM

I think it's happening again.
When I was about 5 years old, I was diagnosed with OCD. My compulsions were never as tangible as meticulously organizing my room (I was and still am quite messy). However, mine surfaced in a rather strange way; this is really a odd form of the disorder. I used to have awful thoughts, and when I did, I would always tell my mother about them. We once had to desert a rooftop pool in Hong Kong because I loudly told my mom how much I was worried that the little boy next to us was going to slip and crack his head open.

I went to a psychiatrist, completed a regimen of Zoloft, and was fine after that. Since then, my father has passed away, I've almost lost three friends to suicide, and I've had a best friend turn on me in a most unpleasant way. I've been depressed off and on for quite a while and my mom told me that she thinks its a resurgance of my childhood OCD. The doctor did suggest that it might resurface during high school (my current place) or college, but I haven't slipped back into my constant need for confession.

However, I do have this little quirk; I always feel that I tell people things too easily. I've tried to stop it, but things just end up coming out. But I do know that admitting things helps you deal with problems. It may not be the OCD because I don't confess every thought in my head and it's very possible that I'm having other emotional issues, but I'm just wondering if this might be one cause of my current instability.

Input is welcome, although I just posted to get it off my chest. (There I go with the confession again)...

miguel 02-23-11 12:48 AM

i think i do the same thing. i feel like i have to explain myself to people. All I can say is don't let the OCD become you or control you. Manage it.

JustAManThat 03-03-11 01:00 AM

Whiile I do not always feel the obsessive urge to organise anything, i prefer books organised or placed in such a way that their margin is near the margin of the table. I like them better like this, besides this i just jump out of my chair and imagine things.....Crazy...right??

Otherwise...I am just a normal person that can t socially cope but suffers nontheless because I am lonely. I have my own moments of satisfaction, but very rare nevertheless....

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