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wtf 02-20-11 04:33 PM

sex 7 days/week
so my man (in early twenties) has a huge sex drive.. yeah 7 days/week... is that normal??

heartfilledlies 02-20-11 05:33 PM

when i was with my x, we would have sex a few times a day. im 21 and hes 24 and we had to spend a few weeks apart and then get together for a few days so i thought it was just like the heat of the moment type deal. but now, i wish i did have someone to have have sex with everyday.
if ur having a problem with his sexdrive, just tell him. i no its going to be akward but this will become a much bigger problem later on down the road. or could always make upa health reason. say u havea headache, that works :D

Murrrr 02-21-11 11:12 PM

Yeah, that's pretty normal. Most guys are that sexual anyways, we just find other means of releasing it.

TooMuch 02-22-11 12:23 AM

Sex & 7 days a week=MAN.

Very typical as soon as I saw the title I knew we were talking about a man. Especially a younger guy in their 20's or something. I swear it's all they think about sometimes.

Do you need a break? or just want to know if this is normal activity?

It's not such a bad thing in away, it shows your guy is happy and stress free right now and not to mention healthy! So it is a good in away as long as you can handle all of the activity.

Sometimes when I don't want sex, I pretend I'm sleeping. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't especially when you're almost eyeball to eyeball checking to see if you're really sleeping or just faking it, I mean seriously at that point I can help but LOL! OMG!

wtf 02-22-11 10:23 AM

LOL TooMuch. and just wanted to know.. :)

Ghostnyourmidst 02-22-11 10:54 AM

Who says a man has to be young for that?:wink:

Yes, I think it's quite normal.

deadeso 02-24-11 10:31 AM

It was never that normal for me. Seven days is too much. I never needed sex that much, even in my early 20s. The question comes down to how you both handle it though. It is important to communicate and compromise. Make certain you understand each others' sex drives and work with each other.

heartfilledlies 02-24-11 01:40 PM

wtf wat u have to remember here is that everyones different. i wanted it more then once a day when i was with my x. just be true to urself. if u want to have sex everyday, then congrats, if not, then its no big deal.

wtf 02-24-11 05:34 PM

nevermind we are not toggether anymore. thanks

heartfilledlies 02-24-11 07:11 PM

well this isnt something that will only be part of that relationship. im sorry u 2 didnt work out, but this will be an issue for every relationship. atleast u no about ur sex drive now and can look forward to the next relationship.

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