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carenomore 02-13-11 09:36 AM

mood swings
I have been having a lot of mood swings for a long time. in the space of a day i can be happy ,sad, tearful tired, angry ,stressed and i find it hard to cope with.

Some one suggested to me that it may be a hormone imbalance but i am not sure.

is it normal for a male to have all these mood swings all day every day.

Shaun 02-17-11 06:30 PM

Hmm if might be worth looking into your family history. Sounds possible to be bipolar, if you can be all them in a short amount of time.

I currently have a similar situation, can be sitting laughing, then suddenly will withdraw myself from the situation to be alone and cry. Within the space of 5 minutes.

Worth going to your gp about it.

miguel 02-17-11 06:43 PM

I've had mood swings periodically for my entirely life. Sometimes I'm really upset, then I think of a good joke, then a couple more, and I'm laughing like crazy and really happy, then I'm bummed again right after that; this all happens in less than 5 minutes and without interacting with anyone else.

I used to think I was bipolar, but if you're bipolar you really know. I'm just an excitable, emotional person who's prone to mood swings. Here's a couple people describing being bipolar: YouTube - Living with Bipolar Disorder

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