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abouttofall 11-25-06 05:04 PM

Please advise or just chat

I need help, I have an eating disorder that no one understands, i am a failure and i can not get anything right, i am constantly drinking to dull the pain and feel like ending everything is the only way, i don't know who to talk to that may understand and not judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

boulevard-traveler 11-25-06 05:06 PM

Welcome...I'm sorry you're in alot of pain too...

Do you have anorexia?

UkNow 11-25-06 11:00 PM

Hey im here at least simple on the level of human beings, I know what you mean I have a friend with the same thing and i think like. . . maybe you could like find a constructive way. and people care. . i dunno. guess im being murky but i wouldnt mind some chat

AbsoluteObsession 12-05-06 12:33 PM

First of all - Welcome!
The people here are always here to listen to you.

Second- What sort of eating disorder is it? xxx

silent cry 12-05-06 12:54 PM

hey, sorry to hear u are having trouble.. i/we are not here to judge.. u can talk to us bout anything.. i used to drink lots and my eating habits werent/arent the best... u can always talk to me..or anyone else here..let us help u. xxx

Aries 12-05-06 05:10 PM

Welcome! You might also want to introduce yourself; Meet The Community; so we all can say hello/welcome to you!

It's hard when you have a eating disorder. I've been there & so have many others; some still working on getting past it. Just as it was stated; not here to judge. We're a very support group of people *family as I refer to all of them* & we are all working on our own seperate issues/problems; that's what brings us all together.

Hope you can share more with us; people here truly have some wonderful suggestions/ideas to help us work through them!


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