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Gas-Mask-Dragon 11-24-06 10:26 PM

it causes me trouble
Needless to say of course... It sucks.. I jus realized that I have OCD when I started working.. Now it drived me bat-shit... I can't do something without finishing it. Or else I get pissed off. Which is not good in a working enviroment like mine.. Where tasks are constantly being thrown at me.. It fuckin sucks. Like, I can't walk past a row of boxes slightly out of place without rearanging them to look nicer... Its THAT bad..... Im not diagnoced with it, but I dont need to be.. I know it myself.. I dont know if have drugs for it would help.. Might be worth a shot.. Are there drugs/meds for OCD...? I cant rememebr.

Peteofva 11-26-06 04:57 AM

OCD is considered a personality disorder and people would tell you not "curable" but it sounds like you're being awfully hard on yourself in general there friend. Why would you want to diagnose yourself with OCD- because you're neat and organized? As long as you're able to function, with a bit of thought you can PROSPER. You can actually make things work to your advantage! (it's a messy messy world out there) :) Often there are comorbid disorders i.e. bipolar or adhd involved and meds can help. Have you talked to a psychiatrist or psychologist about it?

With a bit of behavior modification you can be just fine. It's a matter of learning to just let certain things go and focus on areas that are important.


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