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Cushi 01-23-11 02:24 PM

Please do not post methods or critique poems
Dear Members,

TTL is meant to help people deal with their feelings. The poetry section is an excellent place to post about your feelings of suicide and depression.

That being said, everything on this site, including poetry, must adhere to the Official Guidelines, which state:


A) No Immediate Suicide Threats
- 1) No "goodbye" posts to indicate you are killing yourself.
- 2) No "means" posts to indicate that you have the means and you plan to use them (ie: razor, knife, rope, gun, .etc)
- 3) It is at the staff's discretion whether to edit any post details deemed potentially harmful to other members, including, but not limited to the posting of suicide plan details previously considered or attempted.

G) No posts containing depictions of gratuitous sex or violence, including self harm. If your subject matter is somehow violent or sexual, describe it with the bare minimum language necessary to adequately convey your idea.
While you are welcome to post about your thoughts and feelings, TTL is not a place for gratuitous or graphic discussions of self harm or suicide, or posting of methods. Doing so might upset or trigger other members.

Thank you for understanding. If you have questions or concerns, please make a new thread in the Contact Moderators forum. This forum is confidential and any threads you create there will be visible only to yourself and members of the TTL team. We're here to help maintain the community, and are always open to considering ways we can do it better. As always, we hope you find the site helpful and a supportive place to be.

Thank You,
The TTL Team

Ella 03-07-14 10:27 AM

Dear Members,

Please remember that this forum is not a regular poetry forum where members post their work to get critique. The purpose of the Depression Poetry forum is to be a place where members can express themselves through their writing. Unless members specifically ask for feedback, please do not suggest improvements to their poems. Poetry is very personal, and it can be hurtful to members and make them feel bad to get critique for something that they wrote only to express their feelings.

Thank you for understanding. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.

Best Regards,

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