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Mousey 03-07-07 12:36 PM

Ummmm. It's in the temp files, some weird thing with codes(letters & numbers). And it's not every 60 seconds, it's only when I view another page.

Zone Alarm, is that another anti-virus? Why do I need 2 of them?

Zetsumei 03-07-07 12:40 PM

Zone Alarm is a firewall and protects your computer from intrusion. It is a program that limits other programs and computers access to your computer.

Next time that virus pops up just send it to the vault. The temp files are temporary files used by the system, they are not vital to anything, or at least shouldn't be and definitely not a virus.

Mousey 03-07-07 12:41 PM

Uh oh...wait. It's not on every website. It's only on one of my friends' sites of poems. I go there often but each time I view another poem I get the threat again. Could there be a virus on the site? What's this mean? This isn't good!

Zetsumei 03-07-07 12:47 PM

It is probably adware, what is the url of the web page? If you do not want to share it here that is fine you could pm me it. You don't have to but that is the only way I can get to the bottom of this... By the way, you should stop going to that site, make sure you have that malicious file off your computer and install Zone Alarm. What web browser do you use? I use Firefox because it is more secure than Internet Explorer.

Zetsumei 03-07-07 12:58 PM

Thank you for the pm. I believe it is a piece of adware that my k9 blocks. One of the ads on the bottom off the site was blocked and that means that they probably contained malware. I wouldn't think it is anything to serious, probably just some company trying to get your surfing records. You should alert your friend to this though. Anything else?

Oh also, please do visit the windows update site to make sure your computer is up to date. Are you going to install Zone Alarm? I highly recommend it.

By the way, the reason I have k9 installed is because I used to have a problem with Porn which I am utterly ashamed of but I have a loving girlfriend who helped me out of it. K9 is primarily a parental filter, you should look into it having a son and all. I am not saying he would go looking for it or is even at that stage but to keep him from being exposed.

Mousey 03-07-07 01:08 PM

Thanks Zets. You really do know your stuff!

Yeah I think I will get Zone Alarm. Thanks for your help....my friend just came online, he's checking into it now. Phew!

Mousey 03-07-07 01:37 PM

Well FFS, I feel like an idiot right now. I'm on the zonelabs site looking for the free dl, but I'm only seeing a 15 day free trial. Is this something we now have to pay for? Am I not seeing something? I've looked in each category hoping to not have to post a stupid question...but here we go!

Zetsumei 03-07-07 01:41 PM

Click here for the correct page.

Mousey 03-08-07 12:53 PM

Alright I dl'd ZoneAlarm yesterday but didn't fiddle with it as the blinking icon was bugging me. So, today I visited the same site and am now getting a warning from IE saying:

NOTICE: You have not completed the scan. If your computer has tracks of all adult sites you have visited and files that get installed by themsleves while you browsing, it can violate your online privacy and could complicate your career and marriage.
You need to clean uo all the temporary and history records of your computer to remove this tracks.

Would you like to install PrivacyProtector to scan for and, if found, clean these browsing tracks now? (Recommended)

The first time, I clicked OK, and my AVG detected a threat, so I moved it to the vault. Then I got the yellow warning about an ActiveX Control...it said the PrivacyProtector could not be verified by a publisher. If you'll notice in the above warning, there are typos and improper grammar....I did not make them myself LOL. SO....I'm very very confused. This is a site that I have visited many many many times. It's just a bunch of wonderful poems written by a very dear friend of mine. I really do not want to stop going there. And I don't know what to do about this problem. He hasn't found anything and neither have you, so why am I? There are no ads on the site, unless they're hidden????

Ugh...help. :cry:

Zetsumei 03-08-07 12:57 PM

Well from the sounds of it, it was an AD. So just make sure to scan with avg, remove all the shit and don't click on something like that again. :P You should also get Adaware and scan with that... that will get rid of all the malware and adware on your computer. So DO NOT click on things like that on web pages, they are fakes designed to install malicious software on your computer.

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