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Zetsumei 01-15-07 03:18 PM

Irish you dont need those programs if you already have one... That is great you are getting all that stuff done thought. Your computer will thank you. ^_^

irishred 01-15-07 04:09 PM

Dang! I can't believe how much better my computer runs now!

Zetsumei 01-15-07 10:15 PM

See it pays to keep your computer maintained. Glad the guide helped. :)

irishred 01-24-07 09:42 PM

hey z

is there a way for pacman to send me some wav and mp3 files on this forum, either through pm's or something?

Zetsumei 01-24-07 09:47 PM

Directly through the pm no but if you found a hosting service yes.... unfortunately that service would probably be public and allow anyone with the link access to the information. The pm system on ttl does not have any way of attaching files. So you are stuck on that one. Perhaps create bogus email accounts to facilitate the file transfer if you wish to maintain anonymity.

irishred 01-24-07 09:48 PM

bogus email accounts sounds like the best possible way.


Zetsumei 01-29-07 02:00 PM

Disk defrag guide added.

Zetsumei 03-07-07 01:50 AM

Free Forum Avatar Appendix Added.

Mousey 03-07-07 12:11 PM

Funny how just last night I said I do have pc questions and will ask when I do....as I'm now having a problem.

For the first time, my AVG keeps popping up a "virus threat" warning, saying some file is infected and gives these options:

Move to Vault

I keep choosing heal and it says "object was successfully healed" but this is still popping up, every 60 seconds. It's not going away...what do I do??

Zetsumei 03-07-07 12:25 PM

What is the object name? Unless it is a vital program you should move it to the vault. You will loose the file but also loose the virus. Again, what is its name? I suggest using Zone Alarm and Adaware in conjunction with AVG to fully protect your computer if you are not already doing so.

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