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Zetsumei 12-23-06 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by Zetsumei

Originally Posted by Jupiter
bye DA,...have a good night!!!
Well straw,...I did upload it onto my computer,.but it is way to big,...it is tiff,....the pixels are way too much,..and so are the mgb...or whatever they are called...It needs to be in jpg format,..I need to make it much smaller,..and I don't know how to do that....I am lost....but,..I tried.....
I need serious help,....I will need to contact my web designer,..because I am a moron :?

First off if anyone ever has computer problems just post in my thread... its much easier than searching all you people out just so I can help you :P Second off, you are not a moron, many people dont know how to do that... THIRDLY! This is how you do it.... Go to start then go to all programs then go to accessories then open paint... go to the file menu on paint and click open... browse for your file and open it... MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACK UP OF THE FILE IN A DIFFERENT LOCATION! Once you have the image open go to the image menu and click attributes... then you can change the size of the image... then click save as... change the .tiff at the end to a .jpg and click save and wala you can now upload it to ttl.

Ok... well this is for Jupiter cause she is having some troubles... I will work on a guide for image manipulation and hosting one of these days...

Jupiter 12-23-06 11:17 PM

Thanks Zets,...
I have the disc with my paintings on them,...I need to upload them onto my website,..but I have to change the size from tiff,..to jpg,..how do I do that??,...

Zetsumei 12-23-06 11:21 PM

Well... first off what kind of photo editing software do you have? Also.. can your web tech teach you? It would be much easier if it were someone familiar with the system.

Jupiter 12-23-06 11:25 PM

I don't even know what I have on this computer,....My website designer always uploaded my images,.but she has really sophisticated equipment,
I guess,..I will have to ask her,...I was just trying to do it on my own,..with my computer...but I don't think I have enough space on my computer,..to upload these images......

Zetsumei 12-23-06 11:29 PM

Yes if they have the answer it would be great... otherwise I will have to tell ya what to do.. where to go to get the proper programs ect... and its not fun... I had trouble getting the program you will need to work for me... Unless you have photo shop or another comparable photo editing software... hhmmm... however your art site is a business... that puts restrictions... hmm... yes best to talk to them. Edit: I would love to help with this but it will be a lot of work and I would rather someone who knows the system does it. The advice I would give would fall under man copy right laws... for instance I believe companies need to pay royalties to use a jpg format.

Zetsumei 01-03-07 04:36 AM

Guide has been updated with a little thing on how I explain navigation when I help ya. I may update the guide with a guide on graphics and image hosting on my trip back if my battery holds out. If you want any other guides please post here or pm me about what kinda guide ya want.

Zetsumei 01-13-07 02:47 AM

Guide updated, I added a porn section. Please read it before you pass judgment.

irishred 01-15-07 03:08 PM

Hey Z, thanks for the info last night. I updated the stuff today and ran defragmenting and whole bit. Thanks!!

Zetsumei 01-15-07 03:14 PM

Umm... You need to run the scan utilities in the anti-virus and anti-spyware programs you have... it isnt enough to just update them... It is good you defraged... I need to do that sometime soon... *-_- If you ran the scan utilities... then nvm.. lol...

irishred 01-15-07 03:16 PM

Yep, I ran those first. Then the defrag, now I'm doing the Windows updates. I am also going to run through those programs you have listed on the guide, just to be sure.

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