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silent cry 04-13-07 01:49 AM

yes i usually opt out of the error reports too... they take too long!

silent cry 05-02-07 04:12 PM

right zets my comp is pissing me off right now.. you know when you right click you get a little box thing come up.. well i keep getting it come up even tho i havent right clicked.. and in my address bar at top it keeps coming up with randon things.. ile b sat typing here then it will go to the top bit and have something random like 67 in the address or random letters.. as if im trying to search for a site called 67... wtf is my comp playing at?

Zetsumei 05-02-07 04:22 PM

So let me get this straight... you are having popup ads and your browser is completing your address entries for you? You need to be a little bit more specific... what browser you are using what exactly is going on and try to use as technical of language as possible.

It is normal for a browser to complete an address entry for you if you type it in and then hit enter without entering the full address.

As for the pop-ups, you need to scan with adaware or another anti-adware program.

This is what I THINK is going on that I gathered from what you were saying.

silent cry 05-02-07 04:35 PM

but im not typing in 67 in the address box.. it just randomly changes all by itself

as for technical language, me and that just dont go together.

also for browser i dont know what that is.. so the answer its either , windows xp, internet explorer err i dont know???

Zetsumei 05-02-07 04:43 PM

Alright so you use IE... hmm.. well I say scan with adaware... mk?

silent cry 05-02-07 04:44 PM

ok thanks

Zetsumei 05-02-07 04:50 PM

Be sure to come back if the problem is not resolved.

silent cry 05-02-07 04:52 PM

ok i will

Mousey 05-06-07 11:19 PM

Hey Professor. I updated to IE7 and when I go to a page it asks me about the setting on a phishing filter. 3 options: Turn them on, turn them off or ask me later. I always choose ask me later.

Which one do most people choose?

Zetsumei 05-06-07 11:31 PM

I do not know what most people do but you should turn the phishing filter on. It will protect you from phishing.

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