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Zetsumei 11-20-06 01:48 PM

Professor Z's Basic Computer Thingology Guide.
Professor Z’s Basic Computer Thingology Guide.

Hello I am Professor Z and I am going to teach you a little bit about taking care of your PC.
You know that most people do not take care of their proper PC and a lot of hassle can be saved by maintaining your PC? A PC is just like a car, it needs to be repaired every now and again, the hardware usually lasts a long time but the software and operating system needs constant maintenance, at least weekly. If you don’t you run this risk of being exposed to harmful viruses, annoying adware and potentially financially devastating spyware. There are things called key loggers that can be installed on your system and log each and every one of your key strokes, these can be used to steal your credit card number and other sensitive information. I am going to give you some helpful tips and tricks to keep your computer safe and running smooth. Please note I am probably going to add stuff to this guide so stay tuned!


Important notice! Save Net Neutrality!
Net Neutrality is being threatened in the US and Canada. Go to these sites to see how you can help save the internet!
US: Google Savetheinternet.com

Canada: neutrality.ca

What is net neutrality?

Net neutrality is like the first amendment of the internet. It states that isps (internet service providers) cannot discriminate between web sites and how fast they load. If isps have their way they could limit or even block sites who do not pay them royalties. Web sites like our beloved TTL would suffer devastating effects from the removal of net neutrality. What are you waiting for? ACT!
Please note this guide is designed for Windows XP users and some of the information here may only pertain to the XP operating system. This guide is for Microsoft Windows users only.

Thanks to Straw's brilliant idea I got my superhero certification.

Chapter Index:
I. Things you should read so I don't have to tell you over and over. (faq)
1. Tips an’ tricks for windows machines.
2. Viruses, intrusions and spyware!
3. Porn
I. Free Forum Use Avatars (scroll to the bottom of the post)

More coming when I get around to it.

I. Things you should read so I don't have to tell you over and over.

This is the part of the guide where I post stuff I think you should read before asking me any questions. This information will better help me help you.

First of all the format object1>object2>object3 and so forth is a way of writing computer instructions. What it means is navigate to object1 then 2 then 3 by clicking or hovering or whatever you need to do to get there. For instance start>program files>accessories>paint is a guide to open MS paint. I will use this format to tell you how to access things.

Chapter 1: Tips an’ tricks for windows machines.

To make sure your operating system is fully up to date, update often at the Windows updates website.

Eternal computing:
I know a lot of you like to leave your computers on all the time. Did you know leaving them on all the time can cause problems? You see Windows is stored on your hard drive, the long term permanent memory for your computer, stuff stored on it stays around even after shutdown.
When Windows is loaded it is loaded, it goes into RAM (random access memory). Ram is your computer’s short term memory, when the computer is turned off everything in ram disappears.
As a computer runs it has little errors, these errors build up over time and cause your system performance to drop. You can easily remedy this with restarting your computer every week or shutting it down when you are not using it. You see when you restart or reboot your computer a fresh version of Windows is loaded into your RAM, so there are no longer the pesky errors there that build up over time.

You need to defragment your computer every so often because windows mixes up the files that are stored on your hard disk. The files on the hard disk get corrupted and fragmented all over your disk. After all a disk is a physical storage device. The fragmentation of files is obviously bad and it causes problems. To remedy this just defragment every so often. Every few months (at least once or twice a year) is fine depending on how much data ya go through.
To defrag go to: Start>all programs>accessories>system tools>disk defragmenter
Once you run the defragmenter just click the defragment button and leave the computer alone until it is done defragmenting.

Security tips:
Don’t download anything from a questionable site. If they site does not look legit, it probably isn’t. Do not give out personal information unless absolutely necessary. There are many sites out there that try to dupe you into entering your personal information for some bogus prize. Beware faux sites. Always check the URL (web address such as http://www.google.com) Of the web page your are on. There are fake sites out there that copy site such as Ebay or Paypal to steal your information so make sure it is the real site’s URL. Do not open suspicious emails, they may be infected.

Purdy colors:
Ever want to change the style or color of your windows in Windows?
Right click on your desktop and click properties, then click on the appearance tab in that window. From this tab you can edit the appearance of Window’s, well, windows, and change your font size.

Task bar mania:
Ever want to move the task bar(the little bar at the bottom of your screen)? Well you can!
Just click on an empty space that isn’t taken up by a program button and drag it to the side of yours screen you want it in. If it wont move right click on it and uncheck the check mark by lock the task bar. If you want to lock your task bar in place simply click on the option again. For more advanced task bar properties, right click on the task bar and click properties.

Easy keyboard short cuts:
Ctrl+A is a shortcut to select all.
Ctrl+C is a shortcut to copy.
Ctrl+S saves the current document in the window you have selected.
Ctrl+X is a shortcut to cut.
Ctrl+V is a shortcut to paste.
Alt+F4 closes your current window.

In most web browsers Ctrl+N opens up a new window.
(Credit to: Mousey)
This suggestion will probably be helpful to those members who do not wish people to know about their use of this site.

In IE 7 and Fire Fox you can press Ctrl+T to open a new tab.
(Credit to: Pen is mighter and Mousey)

Chapter 2: Viruses, intrusions and spyware.

Right now your computer could be full of harmful content that could be slowing it down, damaging it or even threatening your privacy. Odds are you probably do have some spyware on your computer, usually benign, spyware is mostly used by companies to get information on the sites you visit but it can be used to log every key stroke you make and steal personally information. How can you protect yourself against these threats you might ask? Well there is a simple answer to that, go buy security software, I recommend Norton system suite. “Well I don’t have the money to buy any.

Administrator 12-20-06 01:49 PM

Great, informative post. Thank you, Z!

Zetsumei 12-20-06 04:34 PM

The guide is now stickied so go ahead and reply with your technology questions! :D Many thanks to the Admin for making this thread a sticky.

beautifullysuicidal2007 12-20-06 09:46 PM

Very Informitive

irishred 12-21-06 05:07 PM

question from Angel4Peace

I have many wonderful pic's but they are bmp, not jpg or gif
IS there a way to change a bmp to a jpg or gif?
I tried just changing the name and that just destroyed the pic
I have the most beautiful christmas house I want to post.. but cannot
So, If anyone an help I would appreicate it
Thanks for all of your love and support

She posted this in Inspirational Pictures.

Zetsumei 12-21-06 05:38 PM

Go to start>all programs>accessories>paint

In paint go to the bar menu on the top of the screen go to file>open then open the picture you want to change go to file>save as then save it as whatever file name you want and then put the file extension after it you want and click save.

The object1>object2>object3 format means go to object1 then go to object2(on a menu most of the time) then object3 and so on.

irishred 12-21-06 05:55 PM

thanks, Z! i'll paste it where she asked the question, too. you rock!

irishred 12-21-06 09:45 PM

Z - here's another one for ya~~!


Irishred I got a for you. Z taught me to put the picture of my little dog with my sign in. But how do you put a piture out on display for everyone to see it? I put pictures in the photobucket.com so they are public so I can use them in here. But I tried to paste the URL code and nothing works. I don't want to change my picture of my little dog I only want to add a picture in the message screne like I have seen in here. HELP!!! Please if you see Z in here.

Zetsumei 12-21-06 11:35 PM

Could ya have people come here and post Irish cause it is a lot less hassle just to talk to them.... Whom ever you are make sure you are copying and pasteing the url with the img tags around it the url you copy and paste should look like this: now the url isnt the exact one... of course or even close to it.. just make sure to select and copy the one with the img tags....

irishred 12-22-06 01:18 AM

Sure thing Z. I told her to come here to find your answer. I just posted the question for her. I think it was redcopgirl.

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