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WideOpenSpaces 01-02-11 08:51 AM

Men Turning Down Sex
Okay, so how many other guys out there have turned down sex? I just had another woman try to jump my bones the other night; she was really attractive too and I was into her. I'm a virgin in my mid-20's and I know that virtually any other man in my position would have jumped for joy at the opportunity but to me it just felt so empty, like I was doing things because she wanted me to, not because I wanted to. I had to fight off considerable pressure, pull her off of me, and drive her home. It was just so... odd. What do you guys think?

Uncomfortably Numb 01-02-11 11:58 AM

I can recall two instances in my life where an attractive woman was all over me (alcohol was involved in both cases), but I made sure that it didn't lead to sex. In one case, the woman was clearly not my type personality-wise, and in the other case, it just didn't feel right at the time. I have no regrets.

There is a stereotype that any man will have sex with any willing woman if given half a chance, but this stereotype is not true for every man. It didn't feel right for you, so you didn't have sex - clearly you made the right decision for yourself. Forget about what other guys may have done, you're not them, so keep doing what's right for you.

Mooky 01-02-11 03:28 PM

I'm female and I think it's awesome. You listen to yourself and did what YOU wanted to not what society says you should. Way to go :)

Abomination 01-02-11 03:53 PM

I'm not attractive or charming enough for this to ever happen, but I personally am not very comfortable with the idea of having sex just for the fuck of it (pun not intended) with someone I barely know. Not because I have particularly romantic views on sex or anything, I'm just...not comfortable with that. Having sex is very, uh, personal. It's like taking a shit front of someone. You can't do that unless you know the person very well.

TakeMeAway 01-02-11 07:53 PM

you only live once.

i would of wrapped it up and gone in there.. lol (if I was male)

belial216 01-02-11 07:57 PM

6 times! 6 times I passed up sex. None of them were drunk, just old friends who developed feeling for me over time. They all were quite beautiful indeed, I just don't care enough to have sex with anyone.

I just remembered a pic my friend Samantha sent me of a condom with my name in it. lmao ]she literally wrote my name on it with a sharpie]

mmch85 01-02-11 08:02 PM

I've only turned down sex because I've been in a relationship and I don't cheat.

I don't think I could have turned down that woman if she was as beautiful as you say she was. But I'm weak when it comes to sex

30oddsix 01-02-11 10:51 PM

Yeah, wish I could say I had your problem, lol. A lot of it depends on your sex drive and your attitudes towards sex- mine is pretty voracious and while I don't cheat (and would never get with a taken woman), I defintly wouldn't turn down pretty much any attractive single woman. That being said, you may have either a naturally lower sex drive and/or religious convictions against casual sex. Don't feel bad about either of those things, trust me, there are more than enough guys that will fufill that lady's wish for sex, and you will feel better for not violating your principles.

down7ill 01-02-11 11:03 PM

Yeah I've had quite a few opportunities but it didn't feel right at the time, but I wish I would have now

FreakyWays 01-10-11 03:57 AM

Twice I turned it down because I KNEW I was asking to get an STD of some sort. Another time one girl I was hanging out with had a friend who just got her own place and she wanted to "sex me up" (her exact words), but I knew the other girl had a thing for me and she was obviously put off by the entire situation so I made an early exit. It paid off though in the end with her.

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