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jedc43 12-12-10 08:50 AM

Herbal Suplements and Depression
Hi all,
This is my first post.I have been fighting depression and anxiety my whole life.Whenever I make major changes in my life ,I really go off the deep end and realize that I need some sort of help for my moods.I have been reading a little about supllements and products such as St johns wort,5 htp,sam e,and vitamin b complex and fish oils.
I first started with the st.johns(300 mg) wort with 1200 MG a day of Magnesium.After about 2 weeks I started feeling better with my mood.I read somewhere that you could combine this with 5 htp and Omega 3 and Vitamin b complex.I dropped the magnesium.Mood got worst.So I dont know if it was dropping the magnesium or adding the vitamins that did it.
Today I am still taking the SJW(300mg)with Sam e(800MG),Omega 3,Vitamin b complex.
Does anyone have any experience with these supplements and does anyone have any advice on how to go about it?

sunlight 12-12-10 10:56 AM

Hiya Jed - welcome to ttl :)

It seems to me that you're doing everything right. First, you're educating yourself. Second, you're trying what might be beneficial. Third, you're changing what you take based on what you're experiencing.

Unfortunately there is no magic formula - it often needs to change. Some products work for awhile, then stop working. Sometimes life gives us different cards to play and we have to make supplement adjustments because of this.

While I can't tell you what you should be taking, I can tell you that I take most of the supplements you've listed (including magnesium).

plazmaplanna 01-12-11 12:41 AM

I found omega 3-6-9 to be more beneficial, definitely improves my mood plus I have a better memory.

In my bio class the teacher used to be a doctor and then before that a dietitian, she said a lot of people are magnesium deficient so could likely be that you are.

I tried st johns but not long enough for it to work I guess...maybe I should try it again? What brand are you taking? I just bought the NOW brand when I took it.

Also I would recomend milk thistle, I have been taking it because of liver problems but I find it helps other things as well since the liver functions to produce hormones as well as many other things that can effect mood. So could help peoples livers function better even if it isn't damaged but that's just a theory....

Sella Turcica 01-12-11 12:48 AM

Give vitamin D a try as well, if you haven't or aren't already taking it. Many people are deficient and it has a huge role in just about every metabolic process that occurs within the body. The RDA is 1000 IUs.

sunlight 01-12-11 06:14 AM

I've stopped taking a bunch of supplements after a couple of scary incidents involving taking too many pills.

Now I only take a strong multi-vitamin, fish oil, vitamin d, and magnesium.

I feel great and clear-headed now.

mmch85 01-12-11 09:00 AM

I know that men in perticular need zinc... dont know how much, but ive been told its quite important

sunlight 01-14-11 06:15 AM


Originally Posted by mmch85 (Post 566247)
I know that men in perticular need zinc... dont know how much, but ive been told its quite important

the recommended daily allowance of zinc is 11 mgs for men and 8 mgs for women. Most multivitamins will have close to this amount ..... if you eat a fair bit of protein you'll also get your zinc that way.

xxdestiny92xx 01-14-11 05:41 PM

Hey, i was on SJW 1000mg a day with usual vitamins..i can say for me it didnt help, just made me have side effects lighting hurt my eyes, dizzy and sick but you never know a lot of people it has really helped..good luck hope it works for you..xox

jump66 01-16-11 08:17 AM

I am using 5htp with great success. Am currently using it along with a vitamin B tablet each day. Was using it with magnesium and st johns wort as well for a while but same result when I stopped them. The 5htp on it's seems to work well. I'm not bursting with happiness ( who is) but I definitely don't have the overwhelming depression and I am hoping it continues

gavin 07-26-11 07:12 PM

I take a multivitamin, magnesium, st johns wort and milk thistle daily.

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