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mackice 10-31-10 11:49 AM

To be or not to be... inmortal?
I was watching this documentary last night on life prolongation. Aubrey Grey claims that it is possible that one day (very soon according to him) we could live for centuries, become inmortal even. Today science can actually detain the aging process and they can double the life of rats by removing one gene and they are pretty sure it would work on humans too. We would still die in accidents and from uncurable diseases (though according to him these problems would be solved too eventually). Along with inmortality would come many problems, such as the obvious one of over-population and this would be solved by controlling the birth rate and sterilisation. There would be many other problems too, but that's just a brief outline.

Perhaps the quest of mankind is to become inmortal on earth, who knows..

My question to all on this depression and anxiety forum is: If you knew you had another hundred years of life would that make you feel better or worse? Would it make you think that you still had time to start over and change things, or would it plunder you into even deeper despair? I have thought about this, I am in my late 30's, and a lot of my depression is due the feeling that it's all too late for me now. If i had the opportunity to halt the aging process right now and maintain my current good health, I think I would welcome another chance.

JackFlash 10-31-10 12:05 PM

i'm 18, for me immortality would make little difference. death to me seems far too distant to worry about already. i know that's foolish but for now it seems pointless to worry over.

i do think that immortality for humans would be horrible, sterilization and compulsory birth control is wrong, and in all it seems a perversion of nature. although fuckit it's probably inevitable. we love fucking with nature.

Kuutar 10-31-10 12:22 PM

No way! no more! :eek: I got enough already...:frown:

bluephotons 10-31-10 02:07 PM

When I was 18 I wanted to live forever. Now I would consider it the greatest curse.
No more for me thanks!

Aloneandsad 10-31-10 02:14 PM

I know it would make me feel worse, i just cannot imagine living another 100 years the way i've been feeling lately.:frown:

guitarfool99 11-04-10 11:15 AM

I don't have any idea how living for hundreds of years would affect what it means to be a human being. Would a healthy 200 year old neccessarily be wiser or more loving than a 100 year old? or more cynical and self-interested? Would it make us less inclined towards war, or more? Would we care more about child abuse or rape or would we worry less because people have longer to "get over it"? Does having to have a paying job for 150 years or more really make us better off psychologically, ethically? How many marriages could last that long? Would people even bother with it? For me, even the prospect of a never-ending afterlife has always been problematic. What do you do in heaven after the first billion years that you haven't already done a billion times over(especially if there's no sex there---even if there was sex there)? After a while, to what extent would heaven be distinguishable from hell? Our brains and our psyches are not designed for immortality. It would take our brains a very long time to make the adjustment, if ever. Why is my life more important than that of a child who may never be born because we stop reproducing in order to have a sustainable future for immortals? If I could have kept the hair on my head for a few more decades or been able to eat like I did as a teenager without worrying about where it came from or where it would wind up---I don't know, maybe........but, forever? That's a bit much for me. I'm OK with being mortal. I'm OK with my children being mortal, much as I love them. I don't know what the ultimate longevity answer is, but I like the idea of new generations replacing the old in due season. I don't want to burden the universe with my limitations and prejudices forever. Let our offspring evolve into something better, as I'm sure they will. Anyway, enough of my prattling on.

brandysnap 11-04-10 11:43 AM

No thanks =

3THIRD 11-13-10 06:14 AM

I'd like to live over 100 years, really!

I've always had an insatiable desire to live a very long time, based on family history, I may live to be over 100, God willing.

Like you, I have pondered this question for many years. I feel at times that I'd like to give up the battle, especially when loved ones die or are suffering with chronic illness.

Death and illness has been a big trigger for my depression.

But, in the long run, I still want to live over 100 years and, yes, I would also take up halting the aging process, but maybe just turn the clock back about 20 years---LOL!


NeedToBreathe 11-13-10 08:57 AM

I couldn't stand living forever. Never finding out what's after life, if there's a God or an afterlife. We just aren't meant to live forever. If we were, we would have been created that way. It's not because I hate life, it's because I know there's something more than life and I want to experience it.

sunlight 11-13-10 09:20 AM

I wouldn't mind being woken up every ten years or so ... take a look around, read a few newspaper clippings ... see what's going on.

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