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Suicidal 10-15-10 07:28 AM

No appetite at all!
I just cant seem to bring myself to eat anything these days. I use to be really healthy but now I am just wasting away. I used to be a size 12, but I lost so much of weight that I am now down to a size 10 and my family is really worried. My hubby and I constantly fight when it come to meal times cos I am always making excuses not to eat. I understand his concern, but what must I do if I don't have an appetite anymore. I just nibble on this and that, but never really eat a proper meal. I sometimes go three days without food before I realize that I have not eaten. My energy levels are very low and I've lost interest in the things I once loved doing. Its scary cos I am starting to notice the diffrence in my body shape.Iv'e tried supplements to try and give me appetite but find it such a mission to even take those. Its as if I waiting to die and starving myself to death. I dont want to go on like this as I have two kids and I want to be around for them, but this feeling is so overpowering that I pull myself out. If any body reading this can assist me in any way or can relate to what I am going through please HELP!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup:

NoPointinLying 10-15-10 07:33 AM

So sorry to hear your going through this hun.

I was sick at the starting of Summer, and I had no taste for food at all. Even the thought of having a little bit of toast would make me sick to my stomach. It got so bad I went down to 7 and a half stone and had to go into hospital. Luckily they believed me when I said that I wasn't eating because I WANTED to lose weight, its just I had no appitet at ALL.

I got some tests done and they found I had IBS and that my stomach was very acidy. Now I love my food and have gone up to 9 stone

Have you talked to a doctor about it?

vicki 10-22-10 01:50 PM


i know how you feel, i always used to be a big comfort eater but now i dont really eat either, once you go so long without food although you kind of have a hunger it doesnt seem to register. is that how you feel? i eat because i know i have to and sometimes its hard but you need to force yourself, just a little bit at a time.

its also a form of control. if everything in your life is out of your control its the ONE thing you can control and having that power is quite intoxicating. have you ever been overweight?

Suicidal 11-06-10 01:45 AM

Hi Viki

Thank you so much for responding to my post. I really appreciate it :-)
I used to be a comfort eater as well and was at one stage overweight. I looked great during my two pregnancies and was so full of life. I cant understand how I just lost it all. I never thought I would loose weight so rapidly. You know I read about people gaining weight once they start their anti-depression meds, but for me its having an opposite effect. I look hideous in everythin I wear and I dont even look at myself without my clothes on anymore. The scale has become something for me to fear cause I worry that it could be worst than I think. Last night I made another excuse not to eat dinner....
As I sit here and write this, my energy levels are so low that I cant bring myself to do anything. I feel agitated and restless.

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