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down7ill 09-25-10 03:26 PM

What makes me have a good time.
For me, some of my best days can be just me with some caffeinated beverage, an interesting book, could be about dramatic greek gods or a fantasy series, as long as it's kinda gripping. Or just some music, house music, the double rainbow song, something a friend told me to check out that I just haven't done till then, or my good ol megadeth.

Right now it's an amp, even though I spilled a little, Mass Effect which I will play until my main character is at the level cap then I'm going to transfer her to ME2 and get her some blood dragon armor I got from buying dragon age which I have also been enjoying lately.

I also have some things planned with my friends and my brother and sister.
A zombie walk near halloween that'll be going for a world record, a GWAR concert in Detroit! and Seeing the Blue Man group in Chicago some time soon!

So although the trashy "lady" at the dmv gave me an attitude and turned me down the other day, and I haven't met people out where I live yet, I'm still going to enjoy life.

So don't worry about problems. Take care of yourself, I'm doing a bunch of my laundry, might shave later. And be a goofball, life's fun that way :cool:

Bird 09-28-10 06:01 PM

Hey Down7ill!

What a delightful post to read. I got excited myself just by reading it.

I am glad you are doing good!!!! Enjoy your life!!! :)


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