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DepressionFromAllAngles 09-11-10 10:21 AM

Everlasting Grief
The last eight years have been a first hand lesson in grief. While the strong emotions brought by the losses have subsided somewhat I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever stop crying when I think about the events surrounding the deaths. Sometimes I can think about things and I won't get upset but sadness is still triggered when I hear about other's losses. I know I'll never forget the people I've lost but I wonder if I'll ever be able to control the sadness I feel when I look at pictures of the people I've lost. I think a big part of it is these people's lives were cut short before life was truly beginning. One of these friends I was with the day before he died, I was the last one to talk to him, and I found him dead. This one really haunts me even eight years later.

Will my sadness over the deaths of friends ever go away?

Venom 09-11-10 08:35 PM

It takes time. Sometimes things trigger for me about all the people I've lost. It's been over ten years since my dad died and I still think about it, grandfather, grandmother, friends. My condolenses to you

DepressionFromAllAngles 09-12-10 09:56 AM

Thanks, and my condolences to you too. My dad's been sick my whole life and had to have a kidney transplant five years ago so I often think about what life would be like without him.

Sometimes the stupidest stuff triggers me like a fictional story about someone being murdered. It just seems whenever I hear about someone dying before their time it gets to me.

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