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User123 09-06-10 08:03 PM

For Guys: How Do You Get Haircut
Ima get one soon and I dont wanna do what I been doing for the past couple years, what do you do?
I get a 2 and 1 and fade

GreenDroid 09-07-10 06:15 PM

I can't even get haircuts anymore without getting depressed. The girl I kinda dated/hooked up with used to cut my hair and she did it really good. Didn't even use clippers she just used scissors and I always looked and felt like a million bucks. Well to answer your question, I used to just get a 5 and 3. Nothing fancy but I am boycott cutting my hair for a while. I don't care about my appearance anymore cuz no one else does. Might as well just show off my ugliness instead of trying to hide it.

User123 09-07-10 09:23 PM

I know what you mean but I have to or my mom'll yell at me about it -_- I just needed to know cuz i need a new way to cut it

GreenDroid 09-09-10 12:25 AM

Hahaha I remember I didn't cut my hair for six months and my mom would yell at me everyday to cut it. Idk what kind of hair you have but I do a 3 on the side, have it cut around fingers length on top and get it thinned out a lot cuz I have a lot of thick hair. Then I do a little wave with some pomade. I do the wave cuz thats just what my hair naturally does in the front. If I try to fight it and so something else with it then it just looks dumb. I hate my hair.

User123 09-09-10 07:30 AM

Lol i grew my hair for a couple months but cut it cuz it got too annoying, hearing it when i slept on my side going in my ear and putting headphones on with hair going in too lol

pseudo 09-14-10 05:33 PM

Short on sides & in back, long-ish on top. 90's style, lol. :thumbsup:

I need to get mine cut, and I'm thinking about going to somewhere like SportClips where they give you a shampoo & neck & shoulder massage too, but I don't know if that's too "weird" .. like borderline prostitution or whatever. :confused:


Hysteria 09-24-10 08:20 AM

Well, I'm assuming you're african american by your hair description, so I don't think I'm gonna be able to give you any suggestions lol. I usually get my bangs angled, kind of an emo looking thing. Short on the sides and back.

Ghostnyourmidst 09-24-10 08:24 AM

Well, for years I didn't get a hair cut. I grew it almost to my waist.:smile:

Then I got old and started shaving my head.:frown:

Funny, my dads a barber. When I was young I wouldn't let him cut it, and now I don't have anything to cut.:confused:

Abomination 09-24-10 08:30 AM


Originally Posted by pseudo (Post 512198)
Short on sides & in back, long-ish on top. 90's style, lol. :thumbsup:

I have something similar...ish. I've only had one hairstyle all my life, I think. And I don't even know what is it called. Been going to the same barber too. I don't use any hair products either, part from shampoo...and water.

Goose 10-06-10 09:40 PM

I cut my own hair because I am too poor to afford a haircut.

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