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Desperate 08-10-10 07:33 PM

Lost friend
On 29th March 2010, I lost my best friend to medical misadventure. Her family have practically adopted me as one of their own, but other friends and my family think I should be 'over it' by now.

I feel as though my other friends have abandoned me - I have been asking for help for a month now (for other issues), but have had NO response from the so-called friends I have supported in the past.

Are they right? Is 4 months too long to miss a friend you never expected to lose? Am I dwelling on my grief because without her I have no-one left to turn to to talk about other things, or is it truly grief?

Anyone else been in this position?

By the way, I have never dealt with the loss of a loved one well (I still really miss my Grandma that passed in January of 2005)

Whisper my life 08-10-10 07:46 PM

No it bloody isn't too long ! You take as log as you need to go back to normal again. Is her family supportive to you when you need it ?

Desperate 08-10-10 07:55 PM

Her family still haven't come to terms with it - still fighting for something to be done to protect others in her situation (we can't sue doctors in New Zealand), so totally get where I'm coming from. Tried to tell others as much, but they just said that the family need help and are dealing with it in an unhealthy way (they still pour her a glass of wine for birthdays etc)

Blue Girl 08-10-10 08:22 PM

i don't think 4 months is too long at all
i'm sorry for the loss of your dear friend ((((hugs))))
i'm sorry others haven't been there for you

Desperate 08-11-10 02:50 AM

Thanks heaps folks - guess I just needed some reassurance that I'm not crazy

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