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amanda lashelle 06-22-10 06:11 AM

No interest
I hope this is the place to post this, I have lost my sex drive!!!!!!! I have no interest in sex what so ever. This has been progressively getting worse. I am 42 years old and of course am obsessively concerned!!! It really started to get back when my Dr. switch my meds to Zoloft. I'm so confused. I don't know if this is from the meds or if I pre-menopause or what and its driving me up the wall. I'm truly afraid, what if I have lost it , it there help out there for women with this problem? I'm so concerned with being abnormal, this really is an issue for my marriage.

brandysnap 06-22-10 07:19 AM

HI amanda -

This happened to me after I started taking SEROXAT for my OCD. However the person i was with at the time understood and we had very special time together without necessarily concentrating on sex:

I dont know what you are on LEXAPRO for - but surely the reason was also an issue in your marriage - maybe you should tell your doctor and he will be able to adjust your dosage or change your meds.

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