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iris45211 10-18-06 03:06 AM

A Bright Red Scream
This book is all about cutters and people that SI. I found it really informative. It goes into some of the rasons that people turn to SI. And it give you some ways to cope with it. In it they talk to people about the reasons that they do it.

beautifullysuicidal2007 10-18-06 08:01 AM

I should read that book but my school library has probly banned it but theres a book that some guy wrote about how he became paralized and it had the most prohanity in it than I had ever read in one book but that realy didn't bother me it was the fact that books like Of Mice and Men and Too Kill A mocking Bird are banned for "Prophanity" and "racial slurs" Those books are classics un like that worthless piece of garbage now don't get me wrong I wasn't offended by the vulgarity of the book in fack I believe that vulgarity has its place in litrature but in moderation this book went over the top it begins with him describing himself waking up with both a hang over and a boner and how he stumbled down the hall to the bathroom to take a piss and how he sprayed the wall If you ask me that was giving way too much detail I just wanted to know about his accedent not how he was alos a man whore getting it on with every girl he met including his nurse. It just pisses me off when a classic story or even one like James and the Giant Peach can be banned but books like that one and one expressing both viewpoints of date rape and basically giving pros and cons to it. Sorry for rambling but I just had to say it.

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