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engima 05-11-10 12:40 AM

How to avoid the compulsion to eat
here's when I eat:
when I'm bored, it's entertaining
when I'm in social situations, it's makes it easier?
when I'm doing work, makes it less terrible.
when I'm emotional (<- probably main factor)

I don't even know when I'm hungry anymore...

To sum it up I eat way too much, and it just feels so natural it's scary.

Any ideas on how to punch these reasons in the face, so I get back to normal? I have a feeling it's emotional reasoning, but it is hard to understand why?

Dead Radio 05-11-10 03:50 AM

Snack on healthy foods. Veggies and fruits. Or buy a bag of low sugar suckers.

Giggity 05-11-10 05:51 AM

Maybe try eating smaller meals more times throughout the day. Consume more healthy fats and fiber (both slow down the absorption of foods so you feel fuller for longer). As for the emotional side of it, try to keep your mind active. I know that can be hard to do but it can get easier the more times you do it.

engima 05-12-10 12:38 AM


Originally Posted by Giggity (Post 451896)
As for the emotional side of it, try to keep your mind active. I know that can be hard to do but it can get easier the more times you do it.

What do you mean by active exactly though, like critical thinking? I'm thinking it might be the opposite even, to avoid thinking about things I eat and that gives me some kind of reason not to think about things.

Giggity 05-12-10 12:59 AM

Sorry, I didn't explain myself very well. I mean it in the sense of doing a cross word puzzle, reading, ect. Anything that uses 100% focus of your mind so you get no peripheral thoughts of eating.

glycosidic 05-13-10 02:40 PM

do things which you enjoy - perhaps going for a walk, making a call to a friend, taking a shower?

I remember an idea from another forum where you write down all these things you enjoy on pieces of paper and put them in a box, then when you want to binge you reach out for the box, pick out a piece of paper and do what is on the paper.

good luck!

jypgardner 07-04-10 10:35 AM

I eat because 'it's dinner time now,' not because I'm hungry. LOL I eat when I am bored too!

olijba 08-21-10 12:32 PM

I comfort eat as well, but have tried moving towards fruit and healthy cereal in order to make it less damaging to myself!

That said, the temptation for unhealthy foods (crisps, donuts) is always there and I do fall to it sometimes. I think like Giggity said, it's all about having smaller quantities.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to gorge on a curry :)

TooMuch 08-21-10 02:13 PM

I eat to much, I eat to often, I eat unhealthy foods. This is a constant fight for me. I think I've gained about 5 pounds again over the last few months. Now I'm thinking I should start dieting before the weight gets to be to much.

My portion sizes are two huge. I eat junk food everyday, I'm embarrassed to say but I got a 2 choclate bar a day habit. I've manage to stop drinking pop and replacing it with water. Today, I had to stop myself from ordering East Indian food for take out. I just love food, I love eatting.

Currently, I think I should cut down my portion sizes. I got to get my azz back to the gym. I remember I joined the gym so, I could eat my 2 choclate bars a day. Also, I find going to the gym keeps me out of the fridge more well, because I'm at the gym. I'm thinking of giving up choclate bars again. Hard to do because I'm addicted. Yes I am addicted to choclate. I get nasty when I don't get my choclate.

glycosidic, I like your box idea! Think I will do that. Thanks

Yesterday, I went to the store and bought salads and vegetables. I keep trying to include vegetables in my diet. I think I'll take some vegetables to work for my coffee breaks. I need to eat healthy.

I throw out alot of vegetables because in all honesty I don't eat them enough, feel I don't have time to prepare them. Seem to go to waste quickly. But I'm not giving up, I'll try again today.

I also belong to MYFITNESSPAL. website and it keeps count of my calories. Haven't been on there for awhile but this is definetly a wake up call for me. I think I have to get back into it again.

Food is a constant issue for me.

TooMuch 08-21-10 02:25 PM

I also overeat. Like last night I ate out and I was full. But I still manage to squeeze in a 2 scoop sundae from Baskin Robbins. I'm disgusting sometimes. But it was so-o good. It was to much though. But good. Shouldn't have done it. But it was so good. 1 scoop was peanut butter chocolate and the other scoop was strawberry cheesecake. So good.
I was full! I should've stopped eatting. I hate myself sometimes for doing this. But it was so-o good.

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