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Aries 10-22-11 11:54 AM

Take a pillow and just punch it.

hottea654 10-22-11 05:22 PM

rationalizing, writing, exercising, talking, [rest, food, and distractions].

tigerlover 08-27-17 04:58 AM

i went through anger bouts in my life...mostly about unjustice done towards me or to the world in general..bottling up anger is no good...i usually am not an agressive type..I try to make a fist in my pocket...in my whole life i have never gone to a shrink,never have been on antidepressive medication..

I believe in positive thinking,willpower,determination,and self investigation,self discovery..not easy...in september i met my present girlfriend online,we love discussions a lot,we talk,argue,discover each other and help eachother out..our friendship developped into love..I must say that's the strongest force one can feel in life

i wrote this somewhere about anger===
sometimes in my life i felt useless,worthless,prone to stress situations..
i bet all of us go through periods in our life circle that we are full of doubt about ourself,others,the world..stress is a main factor for bodily and mental problems..how do we handle it?fight it?anger in a way can be difficult to control,especially if we bottle it up..that bubble will burts one fine day.
i do like honesty..people who beat around the bush usually will pay a price for it later in life..perfection does not exist..that's why some of us feel useless..
and turn themselves away from the world they are forced to live in..
I did,by the way..and i am glad to say that leading a loners life..
gave me insight..not only in myself,but also towards the world,other people..
and in that aspect it reduced my stress factors..

SensualGirl 08-27-17 10:27 AM

I think anger is a healthy emotion if you can do something about it. I think it's either fight or flight. Anger alerts us to threats to our survival I suppose.

I'm angry at society because people have hurt me or said hurtful things and don't seem to care.

I deal with my anger by withdrawing in contempt and not talking to people. I try to say as little as humanly possible.

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