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DarkCougar 05-10-10 07:30 PM


Originally Posted by Giggity (Post 450999)
I meditate on my anger and try to turn it around into something more positive. I've found giving people the benefit of the doubt helps a lot. Example: if I'm driving and someone cuts me off, instead of getting angry, I'll think about the situation. Perhaps, the person was having a bad day or they had a death in the family and wasn't thinking properly, maybe, they didn't see me and they feel awful about cutting me off. This can be used in a lot of situations and I find it really helpful.

But how do you do it when it becomes overwhelming?.. I used to meditate it out, like you suggested. But for some reason that just makes it worse now.

Jammy 05-12-10 11:23 AM

bury my head in the sand

engima 05-12-10 11:57 AM

- you have to first realize that it's not pointless, that there is a reason behind it
- there's nothing wrong with feeling anger, it's a normal emotion, it's how you act on it that does matter
- you can vent your anger with things like punching bags, yelling at people, breaking things, but it will only be a relief and not a change in your recurring anger
- meditation is good because it helps you concentrate on your feelings without having them get in the way
- ask yourself what is your anger responding to, and what's the reason to continue feeling angry?

Hiding 05-12-10 01:25 PM


CrazyBirdLady 05-12-10 02:00 PM

I used to run long distances but now I talk it out with my therapist. Both work well for me. You can also "think it to death" eventually you'll get tired of it and let it go.

powpowpow 05-12-10 03:33 PM

i go into the shed in my backyard and paint miniature figurines :redface:

Blue Girl 05-12-10 09:07 PM

sometimes really good music helps my mood

tammy 2 11-05-10 07:37 PM

I have a condition called pyroluria, which causes unrelenting anxiety and can lead to angry outbursts. It is thought to be a genetic defect that causes the body to lose zinc and vitamin B6,in the process of making haemoglobin. Zinc, B6,omega6 and manganese rectify this,but to get the balance just right,testing is required. Depending on the severity people require varying amounts. Anyway, this is something else to explore.

DLIH 11-30-10 12:15 PM

A looonggggg time ago I went to an adminstrative assistance seminar. When confronted with employes or empoyERs who hurt you or make you angry, they suggested doing something that I always got a kick out of. (But you need to be very discreet doing it!)

Write the person's (or situation - doesnt have to be employees, or person, etc..can be anything) name on a posty note or little piece of paper or what have you. Stick it on the bottom of you shoe and mash down (or stomp) on it with your foot. You can do this for as long as you want... but again.. (use descretion they advise! lol) Lest someone sees their name on the piece of paper. I don't know if its necessarily a right way or a totally long term way of dealing with any anger issues.. but I've found when I did it, it made rather laugh than be angry anymore :D

27lights 11-30-10 12:47 PM

I listen to very loud music or practice on the guitar, and sometimes when it's really bad I tend to eat a lot.

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