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automatron 04-30-10 04:32 AM

Want to die because. No woman wants me.
I'm sick of this shit. I can't find a woman who wants anything to do with me. Having friends isnt enough. I want to be important to someone. And I need sex, now!!! I'm so frustrated. it's so easy for everyone else. I always hoped that I would magically learn to pick up women, but I'm 28 now and just as clueless as I was in highschool. I was born a loser. I'll die alone. I'm on vacation with two friends. I'm in a hotel and constantly hearing our neighbors having sex. it makes me want to go kill myself right now.

automatron 04-30-10 04:39 AM

It's like my life is a cruel joke. No relationship ever works out for me. People say, "oh sex doesn't mean anything, you'll find someone special one day (but not them), they're probably not happy, blah blah blah." A man's purpose is to have sex and get a woman pregnant. Everything else is just a way to make that more likely. I'm a piece of shit. All the other men in my family are married and never spend much time single.

automatron 04-30-10 04:54 AM

I've tried everything: friends, friends of friends, online dating, social clubs, book clubs, writing clubs, classmates, co-workers, women on the street. Nothing works. There's always some excuse: "I'm with someone. I just got out of a relationship. I'm focussing on my career. We're not compatible. I see you as a brother, etc." I work out, I have a "good" job, I think I'm not ugly (though I must be because no one wants me), I'm smart, funny, etc. I must just have too high of an opinion of myself because the world is showing me that I'm not good enough. I hate myself. I don't deserve to live. Why should I continue? To save my family the grief? Why should I care how they feel? We'll all be dead in 100 years anyway. None of our lives matter in the end. I think it's stupid to say I should continue suffering because if I kill myself some other people will suffer. That's just a guilt trip. Life is bullshit. I'm not special. I'm doomed to die miserable.

unlovable 04-30-10 05:26 AM

i know exactly how you feel.

outofblue 04-30-10 08:37 AM

have you tried to find out the real cause of this problem?, try writing at all down in a question=answer format. it could be that somewhere along your life you lost your confidence in having a relationship. it might be something that you are projecting. i don't know how to help you to be honest. it sounds like you want love more than you want sex. but, so they say, you don't go out looking for one. it's bound to fail. so just continue with what you really want in life. also don't pressure women, don't ask. let the events just happen. just because she wants to be your friend it doesn't mean she won't change her mind. single women love to have male friends. through her you'll meet other ones... :wink: nothing more appealing than a guy who is not into sex...:eek:

it sounds like you are in a good place now, a vacation. how cool is that. just forget about sex, or at least accept your situation. say to yourself that you don't care whether you have it or not, and that wanting it is an instinct. you'll feel better because it's not going to be a problem anymore.


automatron 04-30-10 08:47 PM

I don't really believe in being friends with women in the hopes that it will magically turn into a sexual relationship. It always ends end the girl ending up with some asshole and telling me that I'm like a brother to her. Women can sit back and let things happen. Men cannot. Men have to make a move, and the wonan sees that as things "just happening"

the real cause of the problem is that no women want to have sex with me.

bigpmc 04-30-10 09:11 PM

Is sex really THAT important to you that you are prepared to end your life over it? Dude if you want sex that bad go to see a prostitute. In the grand scheme of things sex is not important in the least

meganmree 04-30-10 09:26 PM

Hmm, I know how that feels :c I really wish I could give some good advice, sadly, I don't have much life experience... My worry is that I'll end up lonely. I think about it, and I feel sick. Sad thing is, I'm only 15. I know it's not healthy at all, but I can't help it.
But, maybe taking a break from looking for women for a while? I find that if I don't think about my worries as much, they start to fade. It could give you some time to think. And honestly, you're still young, people can find someone at any age. I wish I could really help you. D:

automatron 04-30-10 09:27 PM

well if I pay a woman to have sex with me, she doesn't really like me now does she? sure, I could go get a prostitute and get robbed or caught by the cops and have a criminal record. yes, obviously, sex is that important to me. that was terrible advice, bigpmc. nothing is really important in the grand scheme. that's why killing myself isn't such a big deal.

meganmree 04-30-10 09:34 PM

Someone will always miss you, automatron. :c I used to feel the same way. I felt like it would be lifting a burden of theirs in some way if I killed myself.
Actually, the older brother of someone I know commit suicide about two months ago. Their family was devastated. I'd go into it, but reasons for killing oneself tend to fall into the same catagory. He probably felt like no one would notice or care.

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