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10-09-06 01:59 PM

it just gets worse
im realy getting sick of living its totaly shit as some of u know i posted a while ago ive lost my girlfreind 3 children house it just gets worse i come home from work nothing to do go to bed sometimes 6 or 7 i just keep thinking of what i have lost im feeling now like i realy want to die then it will all go away just dont know the best way to do it any ideas

silent cry 10-09-06 02:42 PM

come on now, hang in there shawn, no-body wants you to die. i know that you've lost so much and its pants but instead of thinking bout how much you've lost try and think about what u still have.
keep talking...

Spurs 10-09-06 03:10 PM

HI shawn, i no u r having a awful time of it at moment, & u have probaly heard this b4 but give it time & believe me u will feel better in time, have u seen a doctor 2 try & help u through this difficult time, if not than maybe u should, & has silent cry has said nobody wants u 2 die on this site, & never would u children. hang in their buddy. :)

Aries 10-09-06 04:31 PM

shawn - I understand that it's got to be extremely hard for you. I was thinking, after I read your post (I do that way too much) why not try to get involved in a group. I mean like bowling, darts, volleyball, or something along those lines. What about Volunteering for something? Animal shelters are always looking for them, so are elderly people, food pantries, or something along those lines. It might make you feel better on a couple of different levels dear. You helping somebody/an animal & your also getting out of being by yourself. It's just a thought/suggestion, but you never know until you try it. I cant' recall if your in therapy/counseling, but also might be able to help with some of the issues/problems that you're having. They always have resources, tools, other options. Try to remember there's always other options dear. Just like us, we are just a tool/other better option.... :wink:


10-10-06 01:27 PM

thanks for the reples today i feel ok just od days it realy gets me down its a bastard its just when u have been with somone for 13 years and then they r gone it gets lonly getting home from work no one there u start to think i tried to reply last night but coudent log on im very greatfull to people on here im glad to be able to call u freinds

Smallmouse 10-10-06 01:42 PM

You know we are all here for reasons we may not understand or even want to understand but you are doing better by being here so keep up the good work.

Spurs 10-10-06 03:40 PM

I think i speak 4 all of us, when i say we r glad u r still here with us & not feeling 2 bad 2day, & when u have your good & bad days we all want 2 here from u, so we no u r ok. :)

10-10-06 03:44 PM

thank u spurs hows the weather in southampton

Spurs 10-10-06 03:50 PM

Hey shawn well at mo its not 2 bad although hasnt been 2 nice recently though, whats it like in linconshire, is linconshire a nice place 2 live :)

acunningham 10-10-06 03:51 PM

I know exactly how you feel. It's so easy to get lost in the thoughts of the past. Before I got depressed I had a full ride to UNC, soccer star, then it's like it all gets ripped away from you. You just gotta set little goals for your self. Things that'll make you happy. Temporary happiness(so long as it's positive) is always nice.

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