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D1zzy 02-23-10 07:21 PM

sorry for low quality, taken by my crappy cellphone. supposed to be spiderman fighting doc oc.

strawberry bitch 02-24-10 06:53 AM

jez .. looks very nice and detailed my friend!!!

i always love ur drawings!! u know that :)

keep`em coming!!

Wired 02-24-10 08:35 AM

That's a cool drawing. I can't draw for toffee!

D1zzy 03-07-10 06:56 AM

the spiderman drawing in HD :P

a drawing I did on the plane from Sevilla

brandysnap 03-07-10 08:28 AM

THESE ARE BRILLIANT DIZZY - iVE GOT TO SAY I LOVE THE ONE ABOVE - DID UD DO IT WITH BIRO its excellent!!!!! - Spiderman is good too!!!!!

strawberry bitch 03-10-10 04:28 PM

ohh dizzyy they are soo nice!!!!!!! i like them both so much!! the spiderman because of its intricate work, and the woman because her pose is o sensual.. i like that !!

D1zzy 03-18-10 06:43 AM



Mousey 03-18-10 07:03 AM

Wow dizzy I am so impressed!!!! You do keep all your drawings, yes? Do you ever frame them? You truly have a gifted talent! Love them. :smile:

brandysnap 03-18-10 07:06 AM


I LOVE THE HAND TOO. (((((((((Dizzy))))))))))))))))0

joanna 03-18-10 07:07 AM

Oh my goodness !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D1zzy, they are FANTASTIC !!!!!!!! sooooooooooooooooo good. I love all of them. You truly have a gifted talent. Well done sweetie. You give me hope..that maybe one day I will paint my icons as well..I haven't painted in nearly 3 years.......Maybe one day....
Keep up the great work !!!!!!!!

((((((((((((((((((( D1zzy)))))))))))))))))))))))))

D1zzy 03-18-10 07:18 AM

I keep most of them, but I dont frame them. they're kinda scattered all over :P

joanna: the youtube user matthew39arch has some very good drawing tutorials. you should check them out. YouTube - matthew39arch's Channel

joanna 03-18-10 07:28 AM

I will D1zzy..........thank you for the link...and keep up the great work..You are in inspiration............

D1zzy 03-20-10 08:57 AM

a quick sketch

miked 03-20-10 09:35 AM

wow dizzy you have a real talent

joanna 03-21-10 05:44 AM

D1zzy.........?????!!!!!!!!!! you call that a quick sketch????? so what happens when you take your time to draw?????????? you draw a master piece, thats what !!!!

well done sweetie.........Like I said...your an inspiration...


XxChoiceNinjaxX 03-21-10 06:30 PM

Wow, that's great, D1zzy!

D1zzy 04-16-10 12:29 AM

some bad drawings I did in photoshop with my tablet yesterday when I hadnt slept for 60 hours..



Piplup 04-16-10 12:32 AM

cool sketch of that women!

strawberry bitch 04-18-10 02:09 PM

luv them.. well u know i always love ur art!! doodles included...

D1zzy 04-19-10 07:36 PM

was listening to hey soul sister by train when I doodled.

joanna 04-19-10 07:43 PM

D1zzy, you call this doodling ??????????????? your a champ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very good indeed !!!!!!!!!!!!

D1zzy 04-19-10 07:52 PM

thanks joanna :)

D1zzy 04-19-10 09:48 PM

quick one :)

joanna 04-20-10 03:31 AM

D1zzy, how long did it take you to draw this one...the one above?

D1zzy 04-20-10 03:34 AM

i dunno, 10 - 15 minutes, was just moving the pencil fast and added some quick details and lines at the end

joanna 04-20-10 03:36 AM

honest D1zzy...I might be an iconographer..but now..I cant even write my name..So I admire you...very much. Keep drawing....


D1zzy 04-20-10 03:39 AM

thank you :smile:

ferrets 04-22-10 03:57 AM

lovely drawings Dizzy you always amaze me with your drawings, so good.Keep up the good work :)

packyourbags 04-27-10 11:39 PM

bump... any new ones Dizzy?

strawberry bitch 05-03-10 01:57 PM

What are daring woman is that sketch! :) I love ur drawings always... u know that :P

Keep'em coming!!


D1zzy 05-07-10 08:48 AM

new one, used 1,5 hours.

its a famous painting called Girl with a Pearl Earring by the painter Johannes Vermeer


brandysnap 05-07-10 08:53 AM

i bet u enjoyed doing that...... its beautifulx

joanna 05-07-10 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by D1zzy (Post 449823)
new one, used 1,5 hours.

its a famous painting called Girl with a Pearl Earring by the painter Johannes Vermeer


D1zzy, D1zzy, D1zzy , D1zzy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:hug:

what can I say...? Honest..you are truly something else.
I know I say the same things over and over...but..its true.
You are an inspiration. Fantastic work...really really good:hug:

D1zzy 05-09-10 04:03 PM

thank you

MoniX 05-09-10 04:07 PM

Wow D1zzy, these are amazing...

I have an idea, you should go to the poetry section and maybe draw some scenes pertaining to the poetry. ;) just an idea.

ferrets 05-10-10 08:57 AM

WOW D1zzy your done it again your such a good artist, keep the work going.Always like to see the next thing you do.

praesepe 05-10-10 09:11 AM

I love these! Really cool keep um coming :D

strawberry bitch 05-15-10 02:38 AM

ahh d1zy!! lovely sweetie!!! like all ur artwork!

1.5 hrs eh? tracking time!! aaahahah i would be so disappointed if i do that..lol i take forever..

great work


cherrydust 06-26-10 11:24 PM

Oh god, I just watched the movie for that a few days ago. It was really sweet.

Dizzy it really is amazing, believe that you are a talented person. Keep up the good work. =)

D1zzy 12-17-12 03:46 PM

Unfinished parrot




Xerxes 12-18-12 04:04 AM

WOW. i failed art so this is all the more impressive to me. Do you ever sell your drawings or is just for recreation?

Darcio 09-05-14 12:18 PM

HOLY CRAP! *Bows* That parrot painting is BRILLIANT (even if its not done yet) and your quick sketches are really impressive. My favorite one was the skeleton. Did you use charcoal, pencil, both? (Just curious) I like your avatar too lol. Calvin and Hobbes is one of my personal favorites. :D

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