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joanna 04-19-10 07:43 PM

D1zzy, you call this doodling ??????????????? your a champ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very good indeed !!!!!!!!!!!!

D1zzy 04-19-10 07:52 PM

thanks joanna :)

D1zzy 04-19-10 09:48 PM

quick one :)

joanna 04-20-10 03:31 AM

D1zzy, how long did it take you to draw this one...the one above?

D1zzy 04-20-10 03:34 AM

i dunno, 10 - 15 minutes, was just moving the pencil fast and added some quick details and lines at the end

joanna 04-20-10 03:36 AM

honest D1zzy...I might be an iconographer..but now..I cant even write my name..So I admire you...very much. Keep drawing....


D1zzy 04-20-10 03:39 AM

thank you :smile:

ferrets 04-22-10 03:57 AM

lovely drawings Dizzy you always amaze me with your drawings, so good.Keep up the good work :)

packyourbags 04-27-10 11:39 PM

bump... any new ones Dizzy?

strawberry bitch 05-03-10 01:57 PM

What are daring woman is that sketch! :) I love ur drawings always... u know that :P

Keep'em coming!!


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