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alady 02-18-10 03:06 PM

Nothing interests me.
I have always had a lot of difficulty finding hobbies that I enjoy. I have been experiencing depression for most of my life, and I find that nothing really gives me any pleasure. I like reading because it takes me away, and I like watching TV and killing endless hours on the internet because it's an easy way to take up all of the extra time I have between work and sleep.

I just don't enjoy anything. I am afraid that this will eventually take it's toll on my relationship, which is the only solidly good thing in my life right now, and I've had it destroy other relationships in the past. I appear to be lazy to someone who doesn't understand that I just don't have any fun doing anything. Being busy overwhelms me, and sitting home doing nothing all day makes me more depressed. I just don't know how to find hobbies I might enjoy.

I have absolutely no athletic ability, or coordination, so I can't really try to get interested in sports (I also have flat feet and asthma, I just really can't do it). I also have no artistic ability, I can't draw something that looks anything like I intended it to and practice doesn't improve it. I'm not good at any video games I've ever tried to be good at. And I really don't know what there is to do in the world. Like, I just have no ideas for what to try.

I started knitting for a while, and that was okay, boring but something to do, and then I lost one of my needles and haven't been able to replace it so that's been going nowhere. I used to enjoy writing but I can't get inspired anymore, and even when I try to just write something, just to get over the block and get something out, it's never satisfying anymore. And those are solo activities, too, and I really think I would benefit from more social interaction than I get. I don't really have any interests to go off, I'm a little interested in history, so I read about history, and watch shows and movies about it, but I don't really see any way to take that any further.

I joined this forum hoping that someone would be able to give me some advise. I'm deeply into a routine right now, which I've craved in the past because it helps me not feel overwhelmed by all that is expected of me in life, but things are calm enough for me right now that I'm just bored, which is making me depressed even though I'm not in a Major Depressive Episode right now, and making me very anxious the past few months which I've experienced before but not to this degree.

I don't know what else to say, really, I'm just really hoping someone will have some advise for me.

Mousey 02-18-10 03:11 PM

I understand just how you feel. I have been bored out of my mind for months, with no interest in anything at all. Then one day last week my son took out a 100 pc. puzzle and we put it together, together. It was kinda fun. So now I'm working on a 300 pc. puzzle, and right now I can say puzzles are the ONLY thing that I find any interest in. Maybe you would like them too?

laneblade 02-18-10 03:15 PM

Welcome to TTL alady. Reading books is a great hobby. What kind of books do you read. I say this to everyone on here but I love romance novels. Especially ones of the otherworldly type. I kind of consider this a great hobby because I love coming on here and talking to people.:hug:

Ghostnyourmidst 02-18-10 03:27 PM

I went out a bought a scanner so I can listen to aircraft. I live pretty close to an airport and I'll sit in the dark and imagine I going to all the places the aircraft are going. I take many trips in my mind.

I can't read anything with a happy ending or even watch TV shows that have happy endings. It just doesn't seem like they are real.

"Flight 3119 in route to Dallas/Fortworth on 350 @ 10000"

See Ya! I'm going to Texas.:biggrin:

Catherine 02-18-10 03:37 PM

I have no interest in anything, either. Huge problem for me too. Good luck.

StrutsUK 02-18-10 03:43 PM

Hey alady
I had the same problem, having no hobbies, just used to work and go pub, and read, don`t even watch telly or play video games. I had to give my job up in may through an injury, and i stopped drinking a couple of months ago, so needed to fill my time, i started swimming and doing weights, something i used to do a lot when i was younger, this breaks my day up and I'm getting in great shape, also started cooking different foods, this takes up time finding recipes on the net finding out about nutrition and stuff then shopping and preparing the food. And if you like reading there are online book clubs where you all read the same book each month then discuss it with other people. I still get bored and some days think whats the point of it all, but it gives me something to wake up for.

taond 02-21-11 11:40 AM

Hay people, I have a few interests. I am interested in computers, reading, music and collecting. I collect spoons, coins and Hornby trains.
What you could do is like me collect something while researching it. For example Hornby trains you could research the carriages, locomotives etc.

What about metal detecting? Its hard work walking in the fields but when you find something it makes it all worthwhile.

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