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510178 02-18-10 08:30 AM

End of man theories...
I'm just wondering what kind of ideas people have about what's going to destroy humanity and possibly all life on this planet. Of course there's the easy ones like artificial intelligence or meteor impact. I've heard or read many but I wanna here what other people think.

Of course we know what's really gonna happen. In 5 billion years the sun will burn out and the earth will become a cold, dead planet like mars, but that's obviously way in the future.

Venom 02-19-10 01:03 AM

Actually the most supported idea is that the sun will become big enough to kill all life on earth in one billion years. But I don't think AI would destroy us, possibly nuclear war could kill a lot of people, as well as if we get ahold of even more destructive technology, such as the Tesla Sheild (or Howitzer) with Moray Generators, and perfect it.

IAMMT 02-25-10 08:28 AM

Simple really, nukes. We run out of oil. Renewables have not caught up. Followed by financial turmoil. Then theft on a local scale which escalates to rouge states declaring war. The super powers trry to jump in but they have limited oil as well. The other countries realise this and before you know it their all firing nukes and missiles at each other.

Thankfully Australia is too sparcely spaced in terms of population and has no real military threat. We are likely to be taken over for the very same reasons though.

Sorry to be emo.

DepressedAcademic 03-12-10 10:09 PM

A population control scheme run amuck and having unintended consequences. In a fit of hysteria about over-population and environmental damage, drastic changes will be forced on people. Rather than "levelling off" population, it will cause an irrevocable slide into isolation and asexuality, with an unhealthy and dwindling human population eventually disappearing from the earth.

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