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510178 02-11-10 08:35 AM

Does anyone listen to actual cd's anymore?
I have a cell phone/mp3 player/mediocre camera/mediocre camcorder and I can listen to it using earphones(obviously), but I also can plug into my stereo at home and my car stereo.

I'm just wondering do people still listen to cd's?

brandysnap 02-11-10 09:09 AM


Xelha 02-12-10 09:39 PM

When I'm with my family we use them in the car... aside from that I don't think I ever use them anymore.

510178 02-14-10 09:27 AM

Also, I don't actually own the physical disk for pretty much all the music I listen to.

mrpersonface 03-17-10 12:24 PM

I own my favourite CDs (physical albums) I only have around 5% of the music I have on my laptop (all pirated) but when I listen to the CDs, THEY SOUND BETTER!

forpetessake 03-17-10 12:26 PM

Yes I do still listen to CD's. Mainly in the car, but I do have a old stereo system in my basement, in the drum room, I use to play along with.

Mizrav 03-17-10 03:51 PM

Well i only listen to CD`s in the car. Otherwise I hear music with my mp3 player. But i wish I had money to make my own CD library

billy boy 03-17-10 03:58 PM

These days never. At a high enough bitrate (like 320kbps) you'd need a good hi-fi to tell the difference. I can only tell the difference if I listen to one straight after the other. If you've got a high end sound system it's a different story of course. Even albums I have on CD I listen to on my computer. Also, without getting into a debate about the ethical side of music piracy, fact is I can't afford CDs these days. It's not a case of buy it or pirate it, it's a case of pirate it or don't hear it. If I didn't struggle to put petrol in my car and food on the table it would be a different story.

ubi756 03-31-10 08:05 PM

When I drive in my car I like to use the CD player. No, I don't pirate music. I haven't downloaded much, but I payed for mine. I don't steal and I wouldn't too happy if somebody stole something from me. Hey anybody ever listen to those black shiny plastic things that you set a needle on (****shows his age *********:cool:)-- LP records? What about 8 tracks?

CalmMind 04-02-10 12:10 PM

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, only in my car.

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