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510178 01-26-10 07:41 PM

Divx dvd players and piracy
Of all the people who buy Divx dvd players what percentage of people do you think use them for strictly legitimate purposes like legally purchased movie files or pictures? I would be surprised it was high. That's just my opinion.

laneblade 01-26-10 08:57 PM

I'm sorry, I don't know what a Divx dvd player is, but if I new I would probably buy it if I still had my credit cards.:redface: I had to have them all cut up.:frown::smile:

510178 01-26-10 09:24 PM

The main thing is that Divx dvd players can play AVI video files and that's the most popular format for pirated movies. I actually got one for 39.99 plus shipping. They're pretty affordable these days.

laneblade 01-26-10 09:28 PM

I don't watch pirated movies. Not because I'm against it or anything, but because I don't know anyone who has them. Plus I really like to buy things so if I need a fix I just buy a movie, but it has to be just one. Haha

510178 01-26-10 09:32 PM

I don't watch pirated movies either. I just got one of those because they're so affordable and you can put pictures on them and stuff.

Oubliette 01-26-10 09:34 PM

I'd say about 99.9% of the population that own divx players use them for evil :biggrin:....I know I do...but when I do find a movie I like, I pay for it.

510178 01-26-10 10:20 PM

I do download new mythbusters and I got the entire I'm With Busey series but I couldn't buy that stuff, dammit. I also got the Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special. But, yeah, I think you're right about the percentage

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