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PliskinPillowCase 01-22-10 07:08 PM

The movies that make you feel better the most?
What are some movies that make you feel good or at least better? I'm asking because I don't think I've felt happiness for over 5 months now.

laneblade 01-22-10 07:11 PM

Monty Python and the Holy Grail. "a sparrow can't carry a one pound coconut!"

Just Under Broke 01-22-10 07:13 PM

1.) Million Dollar Baby
2.) Into the Wild
3.) Groundhog Day

These movies always force me to change my perspective, always succeed in cheering me up. Especially Into the Wild.

Outsider12 01-22-10 07:20 PM

Evil Dead or any Zombie movie or House Bunny or my favorite Norbit

Endless Whinging 01-22-10 08:12 PM

The Cooler

Endless Whinging 01-26-10 08:08 PM



If you were ever bullied, or were ever a bully, watch this.

teenagedirtbag 01-26-10 09:06 PM

The Shawshank Redemption.

Aviette Winters 01-26-10 09:41 PM

Movies that distract me and movies that make me feel better are kind of different. But I really liked: "Freedom Writers" with Hilary Swank it was very inspirational. I also "Drop Dead Gorgeous" gave me a new perspective. "Renaissance Man" was another inspirational film. "Lars and the real girl" made me think that my life wasn't so bad...

Xelha 01-29-10 07:31 PM

I like watching chick flicks... especially when it's less of a comedy and more of a love story. It leads me to daydream and stuff, which I enjoy.:smile:

TrollMongo 01-29-10 07:47 PM

Blazing Saddles

Porkies and Porkies-The Next Day

Strictly Ballroom (Austrailian)

Hair Spray

bizzykizzy 01-29-10 09:23 PM

last days...
for whatever reason.
nothing like watching a movie about ur idol dying....

hard days night.
"sir, can we have our bong back"
beatles and weed, smiles....

yellow submarine... just anything with the beatles, they are just happiness.

gus van sant always makes me happy, good lighting, omg.
love his bit in paris, je'taime.
milk, paranoid park, elephant...
god they're all so great...

Thewildthing 03-07-10 06:18 PM


Originally Posted by teenagedirtbag (Post 397748)
The Shawshank Redemption.

That movie always makes me feel better.

expressivechild 03-07-10 08:22 PM

Ordinary People (1980). This movie has helped me in coping a lot, because the characters are so relatable! I cried everytime I watch this movie... But still, it helps!

Holiday 03-08-10 05:14 AM

Little Miss Sunshine and American Beauty. I feel tired and cosy after I watch those movies... in a nice, thoughtful way.

HigherThanTheStars 05-17-10 02:29 AM

Grounghog Day and Into the Wild are indeed great inspiring movies... I would also add (500) days of summer =)

Hiding 05-17-10 08:03 AM

Baby Boom...makes me feel better....I just love that little girl...and that woman...and the snow bit ..... and the teddy....and that little girl......awwwwwwwwwwww

Abomination 05-17-10 09:47 AM

There will be blood. But apparently I'm the only fucking one, everyone says it's depressing.

Hiding 05-17-10 09:51 AM


Originally Posted by Abomination (Post 456295)
There will be blood. But apparently I'm the only fucking one, everyone says it's depressing.

the bloody title depresses me !!! hahahaha

Abomination 05-17-10 10:01 AM

I don't understand why people don't find stuff in it funny. I don't wanna spoil anything, but the ending was hilarious and most of the stuff with the priest. Plus it has Daniel Day-Lewis in it and he has a moustache and it's awesome.

Other positive movie I thought of was Låt den rätte komma in or "Let the right one in" for americanas here. It's a lovestory I like. Which is pretty much unheard of. And both of these are generally just very, very, very good movies you should see anyway.

If you just want a comedy, the Monty Python movies are funny. Holy Grail which is my favourite, Life of Brian anddd The Meaning of life. Although The Meaning of life was kinda depressing to me for some reason. But apparently I'm a freak so...yeah.

Spanner Montana 05-17-10 11:55 AM

The Wizard of Oz, loved the movie since I was a kid, great songs too!

When I have trouble sleeping I watch Fight Club, just for the fact that "Jack" talks about not sleeping for 6 months & he turned out ok (well, aside from all that...y'know ;))

thepeanutlord 06-09-10 06:06 AM

Forrest gump
Yes Man (sometimes we need to grab ahold of our lifes and do what we want to do, not what we should do.)
Freedom Writers.

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