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Just Under Broke 01-22-10 01:17 AM

Mellow Sounds
Disclaimer: I notice that tonight I'm feeling majorly anxiety-ridden and manic from realizing all of these struggles that myself and others are facing right now, and basically how shitty the whole thing is, really, it's got me down in a major way. So I feel this would be a good idea to have a thread for calming music and sounds. Regardless of your race, gender, or creed, if you know of some majorly relaxing sounds, feel free to post your links here. Thanks.

Here are some that have been working for me lately:

1) Sounds of the Ocean "Stress Therapy - Completely Rejuvenate Your Mind Now in 9min":

YouTube - Stress Therapy - Completely Rejuvenate Your Mind Now in 9min

2) Liquid Mind - Breathe In Me:

YouTube - Liquid Mind: Breathe in Me

3) Ashra - Ocean of Tenderness

YouTube - Oceans of Tenderness

laneblade 01-23-10 03:46 PM

Those are GREAT! Being a massage therapist, I listen to that stuff all the time and it helps relax me. Great Picks!

Just Under Broke 01-23-10 05:42 PM

Thanks Laneblade, I love relaxing music, I can listen to it nearly all of the time. So you're a massage therapist? That has to be an interesting and, dare I say, somewhat holy job to have. Well maybe the same can't be said for every masseuse, just the ones on TTL :wink: By all means if you have some mellow tunes you'd like to share with us, feel free.

4.) B-Tribe - Angelic Voices:
YouTube - B-Tribe 5 - Angelic Voices imagenes Luis Royo

5.) Zero 7 - This World:
YouTube - Zero 7 ~ This World

6.) Zero 7 - Likufanele:
YouTube - Zero 7 - Likufanele

7.) Sigur Ros - Track 4 Untitled (The Nothing Song):
YouTube - Sigur Ros Vanilla Bonus

8.) Robert Miles - The Light
YouTube - A PEACE OF MIND FROM THE WEST http://www.youtube.com/user/THELlGHT

laneblade 01-23-10 06:01 PM

Yeah I consider it "Laying on Hands". And who couldn't do with some prayers right?:wink: I'm completely legit (no happy endings from me). The only thing I worry about is transference. When I'm feeling really down, I wouldn't want to pass that on to someone else.

Just Under Broke 01-23-10 06:59 PM

I think that sometimes everyone would be a lot better off if I left my venting ..... in the vent, or something. Transference is a major concern of mine as well, if anything when I share while feeling bad, I could dominoe through accidentally make others feel a whole lot more suicidal than they already were. I really need to keep that in check, good point.

9.) Mike Oldfield - In the Beginning\Let There Be Light:
YouTube - Mike Oldfield /In The Beginning/Let There Be Light

10.) Future Sound of London - Everybody in the World is Doing Something Without Me\My Kingdom:
YouTube - future sound of london dead cities

11.) Aphex Twin - Cliffs:
YouTube - mist Fifa Pro

12.) Kenji Williams - Death and Rain:
YouTube - Kenji Williams - Death and Rain

13.) Mike Oldfield - Hibernaculum:
YouTube - Mike Oldfield Hibernaculum

Just Under Broke 01-25-10 12:17 AM

Broke's Rap List
Good rap songs are hard to find on youtube, but I did manage to track down a few:

1.) KJ-52 - Right Here: YouTube - KJ-52: Right Here

2.) Gift of Gab - Way of the Light: YouTube - Gift of Gab - Way of the Light

3.) 51 - Theropy: YouTube - 51 -THEROPY

4.) Sevin - Theropy:
YouTube - sevin

5.) Bruthaz Grimm - He's Coming: YouTube - He's Coming by Bruthaz Grimm

6.) Bruthaz Grimm - One More Day: YouTube - One More Day by Bruthaz Grimm

7.) Common - Time Travelin: YouTube - Common - Time Travelin'(A Tribute To Fela)

8.) C.R.O.W. - Just Like You: YouTube - Just Like You

9.) Tupac - So Many Tears: YouTube - 2pac - Tupac So Many Tears

10.) Tupac - Until the End of Time: YouTube - 2Pac - Until The End Of Time

11.) Bizzy Bone - Trials & Tribulations: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiViMRrVBz4

laneblade 01-25-10 02:10 AM

I don't have the url or anything but have you ever seen the video "Where in the Hell is Matt" on youtube? It's very inspiring and the song that goes with it is called "Praan". It's really beautiful and a very good video.

Just Under Broke 01-31-10 12:01 PM

Help relax the world, one wave at a time............

Caribbean and Hawaiian Waves (90-minute playlist):
YouTube - HQ Caribbean Ocean Waves with nature sounds Meditation - PT 1

Just Under Broke 01-31-10 12:10 PM

Just to let everyone know, I probably wont be posting very much on this forum any more. It is way too censored for my tastes and I do not agree with the admin's reasoning for why they have removed my posts. They make it sound like I was being selfish for talking about my own life on somebody else's thread. Um, Ok. Well as I'm not a counselor the best way I can offer people advice is to share experiences from my own life that directly relate to theirs. Excuse me if that seems selfish to you but perhaps you should be thankful instead that I even took the time to type that all out for you. I'm certainly not doing it for my own sake, and I've gotten close to zero feedback from others about my life. You know there is a line of thought out there that says that it is less egotistical to be the wallflower who is too humble to say anything ever. I disagree with that. It takes an ego to be a wallflower. It is less egotistical to actually share something about your life, even though you know that some are going to flat-out ridicule you for it (or edit it completely), because in taking action you will have more effect than silence. I'm getting the feeling that the admin is focusing in a little too much on little ol me, and they'll probably completely remove this post too. As usual, I've a feeling that I may have made others think too much about life for their own tastes. Story of my life. Consider though, this forum is for the depressed, not for people acting like they are depressed, or for people who assume that they have the best perspective concerning the depressed. So yeah, a little too censored for my tastes. But I'll still update on this thread and maybe a couple others occasionally. Other than that, I enjoyed many of the stories on this forum. Peace.

Just Under Broke

strawberry bitch 02-09-10 08:30 PM

((((((((((((((((((((((huggggggggggssssssssssss)))) )))))))))))))

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