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punkchiclet88 01-16-10 12:43 AM

I know its a main part of life but I hate death. I know it has to happen but it makes me so sad. He isnt even gone yet but im grieving. I had to leave my boyfriends house and come back home to another state and one of his family members wont be here much longer. I dindt really get to say goodbye because I was going back in february and i really thought he would get better. All he is doing is getting worse. His family is flying in from other cities to be with him and basically say their goodbyes. He isnt my family, he is a part of my boyfriends family but he feels like a part of my family too. I gave my boyfriend a card to give to his family member but that isnt a goodbye.

I hate death.

I hope this was the right section for this.

DifferentUserName 01-16-10 03:58 AM

*hug* I don't like learning that people I know will possibly face death or has already been visited by death either.

punkchiclet88 01-16-10 01:29 PM

It just saddens me that I probably wont be able to say goodbye. The one who is sick may not be my family, but seeing as how i have been with my boyfriend for 2 years his family is basically mine and they treat me way better then ine too. It just makes me sad.

punkchiclet88 01-17-10 09:42 AM

He is gone:frown: My boyfriends mom called me a fe minutes ago letting me know that his family member passed away.

I dont know what to do.

dax 01-17-10 07:34 PM

hey punk,

sorry this has happened,....i think you giving them a card and you are thinking of them is pretty much the way it goes unfortunately. its a waiting game in the sense that all you can do is be there if they need to talk about it. i'm sure on their end they wouldn't you to be consumed by this either. i'm glad that they like you and from what i can tell accepted you into their family, just hang in there my friend.

punkchiclet88 01-18-10 07:40 PM

I sent flowers. And apologized for not being able to be there. He is being buried on Friday and my boyfriend is one of the people who will carry the casket to the grave. I miss him. I go down there again in a few weeks.

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