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Quiet1 12-07-09 02:39 PM

Good Relatable Movies
What are some good movies that deal with at least one of the following:

- Anti-social main character(s)
- Depressed main character(s)
- Character(s) who hate their parents
- Killers with mental problems
- Depressed and/or lonely characters who fall in love

I don't care what genre they are or what year they were released.

isurvived33 12-09-09 02:51 AM

Umm i love 'girl, interrupted'. If u havent seen it its about a girl in a mental institution back in the day when u could still smoke inside hehe. It stars angelina jolie and winona rider. It has grafic self harm, OD, ED, Abuse, etc.

Reach 12-09-09 09:09 AM

Donnie Darko I guess. That's a good movie, fits most of your points.

heartfilledlies 12-09-09 03:50 PM

theres a good one called 28 days. its about an alocholic who gets sent ti rehab and its interesting bc it has characters that are depressed and drug user, gramblers, cutters, etc.

isurvived33 12-09-09 10:54 PM

I love 28 days. With Sandra Bullock. One of my favs =]

CaptainWhiska 12-11-09 02:13 AM

Girl, Interrupted
Prozac Nation
The Good Girl
One Hour Photo

Brandon86 12-11-09 02:22 AM

One Hour Photo, good one. Poor, poor Robin Williams.

Here's two more

American Splendor

I've always loved Paul Giamatti, he plays the sad/depressed loser better than anyone else. Giamatti in "American Splendor" is pretty much my psyche on my good days. Giamatti in "Sideways" is me on my bad days.

CaptainWhiska 12-11-09 06:04 AM

I thought of a few more I like....^_^

American Beauty
Buffalo 66'

Brandon86 12-14-09 07:29 PM

going back to "American Splendor". There's a line in that film I always think about when I'm down.

The main charater (Harvey) is talking to a friend (Robert Crumb) about how lonely he's been, then says this.....

"....and don't give me any of that growth bullshit. People always say things like this will allow you to grow.................right now........I'd gladly trade growth for happiness."

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