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Venom 11-21-09 10:10 PM

2012 Poll
Do you think it means anything? All I know is that the Mayan's calender ends that date but I'm sure people have thought up some other reasons to believe that's going to be the end of the world? Is anybody buying into this? Add comments if you will.

Sweet Denial 11-21-09 10:40 PM

Total BS. There's no way the world is ending in 2012.

Quiet1 11-21-09 10:41 PM

Nope. It'll end up just like Y2K: a bunch of sheep running from side to side over nothing, and then joking about it a month later.

joanna 11-21-09 10:47 PM

no, I dont think it will end in 2012...but its getting there...

Eric117 11-29-09 03:22 AM

I dont think the world is going to end, but I do think that something catastrophic might occur.

System44 01-13-10 06:59 PM

I voted for the unsure option.

I don't really think the world is going to end, but I think something might happen...

But I'm a total conspiracy nut :D

Oubliette 01-13-10 07:18 PM

I was reading through the theories and it definitely does seem possible. There seems to be a lot of scientific evidence to back some of the theories up..its surprising how many relate to it happening in 2012 actually...they must be some kind of secret society out to scare us? :P

excess 01-17-10 12:07 PM

It would be nice if it did, would end all our problems wouldn't it? Just, ideally BEORE the London Olympics. I want ANYTHING to ruin that.

Having said that, I'm waiting for July 2015 when the probe thing is meant to land on Pluto.

Doesnt make much difference to me whether it does or not, as long as its not slow and painful haha. Will be interesting to see what people do the day before the predicted doomsday.

totallyamazed 01-17-10 12:58 PM

Its gonna end someday I just don't think it will be 2012!

Plasma 01-20-10 04:29 PM

Nah, they were just too lazy to finish their calender.

xViCkYx2009 01-20-10 06:46 PM

I dont think so.. all crap

excess 01-21-10 11:50 AM

Haha, spot on, Arthur :)

Ghostnyourmidst 01-21-10 11:57 AM

I'm not sure, ask me again in about 3 years.:biggrin:

Mankind may cease to exist but I'm sure the world will go on without us, probably even be a nicer place. I might stick around and check it out. Hey! I said mankind may cease to exist, not Ghostkind.:wink:

510178 01-26-10 07:28 PM

I know the theory about the solar storm but even if that happens it won't really be the end of the world. It'll just seem like it for a lot of people.

Kuutar 09-23-10 06:42 AM

There is always hope it is going to end. 2012 is as good year for the end than anyone else :smile: .

strawberry bitch 09-23-10 06:50 AM

I Guess i will know from my very kind Aussie friends!! if they make it, then we are in for a party!!!!! :biggrin:

Abomination 09-23-10 07:28 AM

It is just stupidity, there's been thousands and thousands of "doomsday" dates predicted in the past. And every single time when that day comes...nothing happens. And then they predict another date using their twisted, insane little logic of theirs. Nothing but absolute rubbish and it's disheartening to hear how many people actually believe it every time.

Venom 09-23-10 06:23 PM

Yea that's pretty much how I think of it

Uncomfortably Numb 09-23-10 09:15 PM

Nope, the world's not going to end in 2012. The planet should be able to support life for another 500 million years.

But wait, we're still fucked! I figure a major part of civilization will collapse in the near future. Overpopulation, running out of oil, and climate change together mean that it's very possible that a large portion of the world will starve to death in the next 50 years. Climate change is already causing crop failure, demand for food is only increasing, and when we run out of oil, good luck transporting the food we do have. Doomsday!! Doomsday I say!!!

*runs screaming out of the thread*

Kuutar 09-24-10 03:11 AM

lol Uncomfortably Numb

Human race is terminator, it wants to destroy everything, it is going to happend, human race kill itself, there is no need someone else to do that.

Sometimes when I read news about our murders I wonder why our country want to kill itself to extinction. There is so less of us, so less but still we want to kill also rest of us :confused: .

I despise human race, humans are stupid, so stupid... So greedy and so cruel :frown: .

Now when people have tried this evil and shytful way, why we just do not use rest of the time for turn things upside down and skip the shyt and keep the love and good things?

Oh mayas, mayas, make some tricks happend and give new time for the world... time for light and happiness... :biggrin: .

Yeaah :tongue: World really need hippies and twinkies to lead the world :hug:

WinnerButLoner 09-27-10 01:50 AM

[email protected] these responses. Who follows the mayan calendar anyway? Do mexicans even follow that? Probably not, so why should it matter to anyone else. I think humans have this thing where they think too dam much and scare themselves.

Varg 09-27-10 07:43 AM

If it ends, it ends. There is no scientific evidence that the human race is destined to be obliterated in 2012, just be sure the longer the human race exists, the closer you are to extinction.

If you really believed it was going to happen, would you waste your time trying to convince everyone else, or get in and do the things you've always wanted before it's too late?

Kuutar 09-27-10 03:36 PM


Originally Posted by WinnerButLoner (Post 518110)
[email protected] these responses. Who follows the mayan calendar anyway?

You have not seen videos made by Mayan leaders? Now now google it and watch!

User123 09-27-10 05:45 PM

I give the world about 5-7billion years (Thats when the suns predicted to give out)

WinnerButLoner 09-27-10 06:16 PM

LOL good job 123, you have sense.

OldLady 09-27-10 08:14 PM

I've already lived through the millennium crisis. I mean, all of the computers were supposed to die, ATMS not work, banks fail, and everyone was supposed to stock up for THAT one.

Even though there was evidence that it "could" happen, it didn't.

So WHY would I believe that the world is going to end because of some silly thing that doesn't even say HOW it's going to end? And yes, I saw the movie - which was even sillier than the predictions.

If the world ends, let's have a big party before hand and get all of the TTL members together for a big group hug. Nobody better to be with on that last day than all of you.


Venom 09-29-10 11:00 PM

This topic is gonna get more and more responses... Wait until December 2012 lol... I can't believe it... I have created ultimate win - I accomplished something do I win an internet? Lol

Kdm4lyf 09-30-10 12:01 AM

I personally think the illumanati will step forward and announce themselves to the world and take total control of everything. Just my thought.

WinnerButLoner 09-30-10 07:23 AM

I think OldLady is right, this is just like the Y2K scare, only less credible, lol.

Venom 01-06-13 07:57 AM

It looks like nothing happened!. But this year will be Y213. All the computers are gonna shut down again!

Munchkin 01-06-13 08:09 AM


Originally Posted by Venom (Post 905661)
All the computers are gonna shut down again!

I hope so, i had a life outside, with actual people before i got a pc :rolleyes:

Mitza 05-30-13 08:19 PM

I can't believe I missed this thread.. :mad:
According to the xf, the would would not end, no.. But the colonization.. Well, that's already begun.. :rolleyes:

So the next question is; how long before we all turn into aliens? :eek:

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