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WinnerButLoner 09-27-10 01:50 AM

[email protected] these responses. Who follows the mayan calendar anyway? Do mexicans even follow that? Probably not, so why should it matter to anyone else. I think humans have this thing where they think too dam much and scare themselves.

Varg 09-27-10 07:43 AM

If it ends, it ends. There is no scientific evidence that the human race is destined to be obliterated in 2012, just be sure the longer the human race exists, the closer you are to extinction.

If you really believed it was going to happen, would you waste your time trying to convince everyone else, or get in and do the things you've always wanted before it's too late?

Kuutar 09-27-10 03:36 PM


Originally Posted by WinnerButLoner (Post 518110)
[email protected] these responses. Who follows the mayan calendar anyway?

You have not seen videos made by Mayan leaders? Now now google it and watch!

User123 09-27-10 05:45 PM

I give the world about 5-7billion years (Thats when the suns predicted to give out)

WinnerButLoner 09-27-10 06:16 PM

LOL good job 123, you have sense.

OldLady 09-27-10 08:14 PM

I've already lived through the millennium crisis. I mean, all of the computers were supposed to die, ATMS not work, banks fail, and everyone was supposed to stock up for THAT one.

Even though there was evidence that it "could" happen, it didn't.

So WHY would I believe that the world is going to end because of some silly thing that doesn't even say HOW it's going to end? And yes, I saw the movie - which was even sillier than the predictions.

If the world ends, let's have a big party before hand and get all of the TTL members together for a big group hug. Nobody better to be with on that last day than all of you.


Venom 09-29-10 11:00 PM

This topic is gonna get more and more responses... Wait until December 2012 lol... I can't believe it... I have created ultimate win - I accomplished something do I win an internet? Lol

Kdm4lyf 09-30-10 12:01 AM

I personally think the illumanati will step forward and announce themselves to the world and take total control of everything. Just my thought.

WinnerButLoner 09-30-10 07:23 AM

I think OldLady is right, this is just like the Y2K scare, only less credible, lol.

Venom 01-06-13 07:57 AM

It looks like nothing happened!. But this year will be Y213. All the computers are gonna shut down again!

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